When choosing to participate in adventure games in Dalat such as Dalat white water rafting, Dalat canyoning. You need to know some things to keep yourself and others safe.

Dalat canyoning is a highly risky game when coming to Da Lat. However, its attractiveness is not relieved.

What is Dalat canyoning?

Canyoning dalat always carries on their own attraction prominent among the romantic, peaceful of Dalat mountain city. If you are interested in adventure, discover new things, this is the paradise for you.

Dalat canyoning always brings a strong attraction

Dalat canyoning always brings a strong attraction

Dalat canyoning is understood to be the swing of the waterfall. The adventure game like this is no stranger to foreigners. But to the Vietnamese, it is too new. However, Dalat canyoning has attracted many domestic and foreign visitors come here and experience.

Unlike the quiet beauty of Dalat city dream, everything starts and ends on a very slow day. Then the game over the bridge waterfall will give you the feeling completely new. They are different from the words that people compare to this city is the city of romance. Dalat canyoning like blowing a fresh breeze, bringing young, passionate adventure to this land.

Canyoning Dalat and some notes for visitors

To visit the waterfalls in Datanla, visitors can walk through the cement path. Stairs are designed quite steep and down to the falls, with 200 steps, length about 1 km and time to walk down the cascade about 30 minutes.

Dalat canyoning is an adventure game you have to play when traveling to Dalat

Dalat canyoning is an adventure game you have to play when traveling to Dalat

This road has many slippery slopes so travelers have to pay close attention.

For those who do not want to walk a few hundred meters to visit the waterfall can go slider to experience the feeling of strength without the effort. The slope runs through bushes of green forest, the mountain cliffs.

Some tall trees rise up to the lungs, accompanied by high speed causing many people to feel panic, fear.

Dalat canyoning to conquer the Death Valley is one of the real adventure activities in the Datanla waterfall.

To participate in this thrilling activity, travelers are required to purchase adventure travel tickets and are guided by the trainer, while using protective equipment to ensure their safety.

When you experience canyoning dalat tours you need to note the following 10 important things:

Canyoning with friends to increase safety

Canyoning with friends to increase safety

  • Do not go under 5 people
  • Do not separate groups
  • Do not wear slippery shoes when climbing
  • Do not wear a wide variety of accessories or skirts
  • Always follow the tour guide
  • Should be accompanied by a local person
  • Do not climb the nightfall
  • Vaccines and insect repellents
  • Bring food and water
  • Do not carry too many items

Because of the adventurous nature of the game, once people get involved, people need to prepare themselves for certain knowledge to ensure their safety.

And the special thing that anyone should remember when joining Dalat canyoning tour. Be concerned about your health before joining in particular falls and other adventure games in general.