Canyoning Tour Dalat is the only tour you can immerse yourself in the sport swing over this attractive waterfall such as cliff diving from the height of 3.7.11m into the water, sliding water, trekking through the forest, wading through the stream, zipline 100m rope for those who love the feeling of conquering challenges but still ensure absolute safety for line

What experiences do you have?

In Vietnam, only one in Da Lat is you can experience the sport of swinging waterfall – tour adventure canyoning attractive. With many challenges such as swinging on the cliff like the spider, jump free (cliff diving) to the water from the height of 3.7.11 m, sliding, trekking through the forest, wading through the stream.

A Crazy Canyoning Adventure in Dalat, Vietnam

From experience playing canyoning in Da Lat, Adventure Dalat encourage young people to try this game White Rafting. These tours are extremely fun, giving you a lot of thrills and emotions, happy to overcome your limits and you will definitely feel very proud after overcoming the challenges of the tour.

The same type of tour, but if you travel in other countries, you will have to pay double the amount, canyoning tour and white rafting in Dalat is ideal for you to experience the first time as something in the bucket list of age young.

Finish this great day trip, we walk 45 minutes out of the canyon and to where the shuttle is waiting to take you to Dalat. You have conquered our challenges and, most importantly, you are yourself.

Schedule of Dalat Canyoning

Canyoning is a collective game, you will have many new friends from here

8: 30- 8:45: Pick you up at the hotel by a 16-seat minivan. Picking up from the hotel takes about 15 minutes to get us to the south of the city, along with the winding, picturesque greenways.

9: 00-9: 15: Go to the canyoning spot. Then you will learn the basic techniques of knotting, wearing belts, and wiring down the right way in 45 minutes. The first challenge, you will walk down the cliffs 15 meters high, next to that the white waterfall erodes 30 meters high.

Going further down the canyon, you have to climb and slide the rope down the waterfall 17 meters high across the falls. Next to it is a natural slide. Unlike in the park, here you will be feeling the slip on the rock.

Following the journey, we will walk along the stream hidden in the tropical forest. Some points, you need to wade, swim, climb over and continue the trip.

There are two cliffs waiting for you to conquer the cliff is 20 meters, the wall jump 7 meters and finally, the waterfall is 11 meters.

100m zip line rope.

12: 00-12: 30: Lunch, trekking back to the starting point.

14:20: finish the tour take you back to the hotel. Dalat canyoning is an adventure game that any visitor should explore once. Wish you have a good time playing with friends.