Sapa, with its romance from the vaporous clouds of mist

Sapa, with its romance from the vaporous clouds of mist, has gone deep into the hearts of those loving poetry and beauty. Especially, Sapa in November is compared to a poetic inspiration for a lot of poets due to its brilliance and charm. This picturesque view attracts tourists all year-round.


The ideal time to travel to Sapa is the phases between March and May and September and November, when the weather is quite stable with sunny days and cold nights. Hidden in the white heavy dew, the rays of sunlight seem to make a huge endeavor to spread their reach on all hillsides. That “effort” makes everything clearer and more sparkling than they have ever been. Meanwhile, the cold air makes Sapa superb and impressive as a brave chiseled man. Therefore, many tourists from everywhere desire to travel to Sapa at this time for capturing and enjoying the perfect moments. This is the ideal time when the yellowish sunlight of autumn and the bitter cold of winter intermingle. All of these experiences make the journey much more vibrant.


Inherently, fog is a year-round “specialty” in Sapa, not only in November’s time. However, in the period between late autumn and early winter, fog has its own charm that nowhere can compare. These cool membranes of moist embrace everything naturally as it is the gentle queen of Sapa, making the town a blur line on the horizon. Early morning is the most appropriate time for those who aspire to conquer the excellent beauty at this place.

Standing on Ham Rong Mountain, visitors will take in their views a foggy Sapa with white cloud drifting and bobbing everywhere. Likewise, in Silver Waterfall, listening to the sound of brooks murmuring down through low hills is also an unforgettable experience when travelling to Sapa.


Autumn is always associated with yellow color stretching across terraced field to another hillside or mountain ranges, which makes travelers lost in dreamy golden valley. In this time, there are not so many rice fields because the hardworking workers has collected grain home in a quickly manner. Thus allowing visitor to see more shades of the highland of our country. This is color of rice fields not been harvested yet blends with the gray shade of the ones which have just been harvested. This is smoky color in the traditional thatched roofs from their kitchens. This is eye-catching color from clothes of farmers, who are wandering around the hills and trying to complete their crops as soon as possible. Then, welcoming the winter.

Travelling to Sapa in November is the best choice that most tourists concern and enjoy. The reason for this is that November is a beautiful month in both weather and natural scenery.  Let’s take your backpack and call for some friends to go and explore the exciting thing in Sapa in November! It will definitely be a nice memory in your youth.