Sapa is a mountainous province in the northwest with mountainous terrain, tourists
come here to enjoy the wild and wonderful nature. Joining Sapa tours, you have the
opportunity to visit Hoang Lien National Park with abundant fauna and flora are

Visit Hoang Lien National Park, you will commune with nature

Located about 20km from the center of Sa Pa town, visitors must cross the winding
slopes on O Quy Ho Pass and Hoang Lien Pass to set foot in Hoang Lien National Park.
Coming to Hoang Lien National Park, tourists come to ecological tourist attractions.
Here; Guests will feel the moment of spring – fall – autumn – winter in just one hour;
Seeing the sunshine through the dense foliage, through the misty fog shines down the
carpet of lush pictures; Watching the dwarf architecture swing every time there are
winds overflows … all leave a deep impression in the hearts of visitors, but perhaps the
most impressive is still the feeling of sleeping overnight in the middle. mountain to mix
into the majestic nature of the Hoang Lien Son range, hear the murmuring streams,
murmuring waterfalls … and in this immense space, visitors find themselves small.



Unique experiences in Hoang Lien National Park

Coming to Hoang Lien National Park, in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery,
visitors also enjoy a very interesting experience. Here, you will feel 4 spring – fall –
winter – in just a few hours.

Early in the morning when the sun did not shatter the clouds, covering the entire
national park space was fog. Nearing noon, the rays of light began to shine through the
dense foliage that shone on the lush green grass that looked like gems.



Visitors not only admire the natural scenery here but also stay overnight on the middle
of the mountain to feel the full beauty of nature majestic. In addition, visitors can also
participate in cultural exchange – cultural activities with ethnic minority people in

Especially, every year, there is the climbing event "Conquering Phan Si Pang" with the
national scale attracting the attention of local and foreign athletes. Organizing the
tournament aims to introduce Sa Pa tourism in general and Hoang Lien National Park in
particular to friends near and far.



Hoang Lien National Park is an interesting highlight in Sapa's tourist trip. In the
future with the strong development of ecotourism, National Park will become a place to
visit Sa Pa attractive visitors near and far.