Hanoi is an attractive tourist destination with a lot of culture, cuisine very separate. The Vietnamese capital has been presenting visitors with a history made up of traditions, exoticism and easy living for over a thousand years.  Let’s take a look at the complete discovery of Hanoi with Asia Advisor.

Sightseeing in Hanoi – The capital of a thousand year

Hanoi’s history dates back almost a thousand years. During that time it has witnessed numerous incursions from China, seen a host of Vietnamese emperors come and go and at one time go even lose its status as the nation’s capital. The city’s temples and pagodas and the religious practices performed reflect a strong Chinese influence. For nearly 800 years Hanoi was the home of various royal dynasties until Hue became the new imperial capital in 1802. With the coming of the French at the end of the 19th century the city gained a new lease of life.

Hanoi has a proud status of the “capital” more than thousand years. It is the main cultural and educational center of the country. The level of industry development and population comes short of the level of Ho Chi Minh. At the same time, Hanoi can be called the most attractive tourist city. The first mentions of the city as a capital of the state Daicoviet refer to 1010 year. In those times Hanoi had the name ThangLong. Literally the name can be translated from Vietnamese as “The soaring dragon”. It is fully emphasized the importance of the city.

Hanoi view


Places of a thousand years where you should visit

Historical and cultural heritage of Hanoi astonishes by its individuality and versatility. The starting point of almost all tours programs and also the heart of the historic district of the city is the Hoan Kiem lake show on the map Photogallery of Hoan Kiem lake, surrounded by an incredibly amazing park. The area is perfect for hiking. Not far from it there is the picturesque Old town. On an artificial island among the calm waters of the lake you can see a beautiful Temple Turtle. Near the Northern shore of the lake there is the Ngoc Son Temple show on the map.

Ngoc Som temple


One of the oldest and the most interesting sights of Hanoi is the one pillar pagoda Chua Mot Cot show on the map Photogallery of Chua Mot Cot. According to the historical records, it was built in the 6th century and got its name – Quoc Hai, which corresponds to English “Reason of the state”. With the initial location the pagoda was moved to the shore of the west lake. The last large-scale reconstruction of the pagoda was in 1815.

Mot cot temple