Canyoning Dalat is a dangerous game. To gain experience from this interesting game and ensure your health, your life, you should note the 5 tips following:

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Understanding your own health

Unlike the type of trekking, tour, canyoning Dalat requires the player with the “spirit of steel”, it must also ensure health. Because the game will waste effort, players who is unhealthy will not be able to come along. Besides, the player must make sure that you are not suffering from diseases such as heart, blood pressure … because fearness can be struck at any time.

Dalat Canyoning

Canyoning Dalat when being healthy

Fully equipped with knowledge

Understanding is never redundant to us and in all cases. Understanding helps us know what will happen to prepare, or when something comes along that we know how to respond. Before you begin the journey Dalat canyoning, make sure you have known what game is, where to play, how dangerous, what’s around it, how to be safe …

Carefully practice before that game

Before rafting swing, you will be experiencing the diversity. Guides will help players from rafting, a swing, using utensils, protection, handling dangerous … Even if you have plenty of confidence you will pass, but the concentration of pharmaceutical is never redundant. A pharmaceutical reps once considered to have the experience or the experience to make a decision whether to continue playing or not.

Canyoning dalat

Episode before playing canyoning pharmaceutical Dalat

Always obey the instructor

As dangerous game, guide will be arranged everywhere to timely instructions to players or give treatment when players crashed. The mission of the player is to complete the goal, but not forget to care your own safety. To be safe, the player must listen to the advice of the instructor.

Not arbitrarily experience other activities

Dalat Canyoning area is a dangerous place, apart from the game included in the journey, the player must not experience any other activities. Just a small mistake, the player can only be paid with the life.

Be smart players, both know how to experience the exciting game and know how to protect yourself safey in all situations. Dangerousness due to natural causes, but safety or not by the players themselves decide.