In Hanoi, the day you can visit the Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, One Pillar Pagoda, Mausoleum of President Ho Chi Minh, the old quarter of Hanoi, Ho Tay … And Hanoi at night, you can play anything and in which places?

Go Dong Xuan night market

Dong Xuan Market is a big market, bustling Hanoi. Market activity at night and sell a lot of diverse items to customers travel to Hanoi (hanoi tours) unleash sightseeing, shopping. Not only is the market selling, where there are many places selling food delicious, the bun Hanoi specialties like snails, soup, tea …


Dong Xuan night market sold many items

Ta Hien street away beer

If you have a group of people, so it is wonderful if everyone pulled together on Ta Hien Street beer to eat away villages. But if you go alone, but here is okay, as is the opportunity for you to better understand the cuisine, culture and human capital.

Ta Hien Street starting beer evening to night, featuring the students crowded, casual laborers and travelers from all parts converge here.

Eating at neighborhood food Goods Sails

The best way to be able to enjoy all delicacies handicapped Hanoi neighborhood that is going to culinary Goods Sails. Here, entire neighborhoods are sold all kinds of dishes for guests to enjoy. Not only are delicious in Hanoi, which delights all over the country and the world are converging here.


Delicious food street in Item Sail

Stroll the Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge the day away can not feel all the beauty of the scenery. Go at night, when dusk has fallen, demand become beautiful, peaceful and incredibly romantic. Couples if visiting Hanoi, do not miss the opportunity together gorgeous passing time at the Long Bien Bridge.

Stroll Westlake

For destination is West Lake, you should visit both day and night. To both the time to know them differ like. Both point to the fullest sense of the characteristics that the night West Lake. Evening in Westlake featured with fun activities, entertainment, dining, sports … Go Westlake is an opportunity for you to understand the people and culture of origin most capital.


Beautiful West Lake at night

Visiting Royal City

If you like to set foot where luxury is the luxury buildings, the electric lights flickered, where the sale of expensive items … then go to the Royal City. Royal City is the largest trade center in Hanoi Second, architectural European style, where shopping, sightseeing is extremely interesting.

Find some peace in Cathedral City

Cathedral City at night with fresh air, cool … is where you can come to relax after a grueling day in Hanoi. Here you will encounter a lot of people, they come to drop his heart into the peace of space, or chatting with friends and enjoying the beautiful night scene.


Cathedral city of peace, cool

In Trang Tien ice cream

Kem Trang Tien ice cream is famous in Hanoi. Evening off you should come here to enjoy the cool ice cream, eating ice cream in the air crowded, crowded. Maybe you have to come early to buy ice cream, otherwise you’ll have to wait a long time to buy an ice cream to enjoy. Dinner here is very crowded people and visitors alike.

Evening in Hanoi has many excellent features, if you have time you should go sightseeing around the corner of Hanoi. But if no time is 8 places on the well was somewhat clearer disclosure culture, people and the beauty of the land capital.