Hanoi cuisine is not high cuisine to fine you. Hanoi’s cuisine is just a simple dish, soaking up the countryside and of course the price is very cheap. If a tourist takes a Hanoi tours, do not miss the 6 dishes with bold “breath” of the capital land.

Hanoi pho

Ubiquitous pho, Vietnam does not lack and abroad also full. But pho “genuine” is Hanoi. If once ate pho elsewhere, then to Hanoi try noodles are cooked by water here to see what excellent taste or not.

Some famous delicious noodle shop, cleanliness in Hanoi noodle Chang (Dinh Liet), Pho Ly Quoc Su (end of Nha Chung Street), Pho Bat Dan, Pho Thin …


Hanoi pho

Noodle Roll

But also the pho noodle soup is above water, below is pho noodle rolled. Thin rice noodles, noodles larger countries, brought the book with fried beef and vegetables, dotted with salty spicy sweet and sour sauce, served with a few slices of papaya.

The most famous book of pho in Hanoi noodle rolled Ngu Xa, small street tucked away behind Truc Bach Lake.


Hanoi noodle rolled

Caster wheels

Hot bread with minced meat molded, black mushrooms, onion scented with hot fried bean pieces, add fresh cilantro … that’s all simple but extremely delicious.

Le Ngoc Han Street shop traditional casting wheel 30 years, if they are looking to try it to try once said.


Hanoi caster wheels

Bun cha

Bun Cha in Vietnam ubiquitous, but behind the word bun cha sure to include your signature accompanied Hanoi. Because the origin of bun cha Hanoi. Bun cha include cumbersome gold grilled pork, eat the same few pieces of papaya, eating noodles and served with raw vegetables.

Bun cha Hanoi’s most famous shop “bun cha Obama” – the shop was US President Obama Btack dine when to Vietnam 23/05/2016 day, in Le Van Huu Street, Hai Ba Trung. Quan called bun cha Huong Lien.


Bun cha Hanoi

Hanoi nuggets

Pandan is a form of childhood presents Hanoi residents, is a dish that people here go far anywhere though well remembered. Cereal grain is when young, they brought processed into tea, rolls, sticky … with fragrant, characterized by carefully wrapped in lotus leaves, fragrant flavor.

Most delicious nuggets in Hanoi that you should try to be as nuggets in Me Tri, Round nuggets village …


Hanoi nuggets

Trang Tien ice cream

Whether you do Hanoi tours in the summer or winter, then also buy yourself a cream original Trang Tien Hanoi nhé! Cream is priced very cheap, only about 10000-12000 copper but leave a lasting impression. It is the soft ice cream, fresh, melted in the mouth. It’s fragrant cinnamon bark outside, crunchy, bite something is broken inside.

Trang Tien ice cream of course buy at Trang Tien then. After enjoying all the main dishes, buy an ice cream for dessert, and also to explore the character behind this cool ice cream.


Trang Tien ice cream

In addition to 6 above dishes, culinary Hanoi is also known as bun thang, sticky, feel free baked … One of the characteristics of tourists discover the cuisine, you have to try all the delicious dishes here as you’ve discovered half his next landmark and don’t miss everything in your Vietnam tours.