If you love high untouched, love bowl of thousands of trees, love the fresh air, cool and admire the scenery spectacular of the mountain, do not ignore the top 5 most beautiful mountains in Vietnam down here.

Ba Na Mountain in Danang

Ba Na Hill is a famous tourist destination which tourists often choose when making Vietnam tours. Immediately called Ba Na Hill also reminds us that this is the type of tourism to discover the mountains. What is unique in Ba Na Hill? Of course a lot of interesting things, but the most important to mention is the cable car reaches 4 world records and you will be sitting on that cable car, enjoy the feeling of the clouds floating on.


Bana hill

Mount Fansipan in Lao Cai

Referring to Lao Cai is mentioned famous tourist destination of Vietnam: Sapa. Referring to Sapa would be remiss to not mention Fansipan. Fansipan is the highest peak in Indochina, it is like “the roof of Indochina” monumental. Fansipan about 9km from Sapa town, if you do not forget to visit Fansipan Sapa, or vice versa if the Fansipan please visit Sapa.

3.143m high Fansipan, was nominated as 1 in 5 high mountains attracts tourists to Vietnam last expedition.


Mount Fansipan

Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh

In southeastern mountain mentioning if only as Ba Den mountain – the highest mountain here. The mountain is located between cultural relic famous history, where the scenery along the legendary story compelling. Travelers around the world is appealing Ba Den mountain because of the grandeur of the mountains, the mysterious caves and many magnificent temples.


Mrs. Black Mountain

Lang Biang Mountain in Lam Dong

Lang Biang Mountain attracts tourists not by height but impressed by the mountainous area, lore and experience of climbing. Lang Biang Mountain, also known as Lam Vien Plateau, is a unique resort to forms of travel gear, explore nature and learn the culture of the people featured Highlands. In addition, Lang Biang also attract tourists love to travel by exciting mountain adventure by climbing games, conquer the peak.


Mountain Langbiang

Bach Ma Mountain (adjacent Hue and Da Nang)

Other than the type of majestic mountains, mysterious, Bach Ma mountain appears as a wild beauty. Bach Ma peak height of 1.450m, at the summit you can observe the whole scene below. The beautiful clear day, the White Horse looks like a beautiful picture with circled clouds on the mountain. Or if you come here in March, you will be watching azalea blooming. Or go to September, the flowers bloom white racing fascinated you.


Bach Ma

Vietnam mountain not only 5 mountain above. Vietnam scenery nor merely mountains. Vietnam tourism is a combination of mountain, sea, people and culture. Come Vietnam to explore and experience great things.

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