The vacation is coming and do you want to travel to Vietnam after reading a lot of posts which describe the beauty of this country? Your friends and you want to make a trip together and you don’t want that your future tour will be as same as the one of every body, do you? Don’t worry, we will help you. Have you ever listened about white water rafting in Dalat? If no, don’t miss this article as well as miss the chance to discover an interesting activity in Vietnam.

Some information about Dalat

Dalat is the capital of Lam Dong province in Tay Nguyen of Vietnam. This city is located at 1.500 m of heightabove the sea level on Lam Vien plateau. For many foreign tourists, perhaps Dalat is a tourist destination which isn’t as famous as others that are very well-known as Hanoi capital, Sapa, Ha Long bay, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh city, etc. However, for the Vietnamese, Dalat is an attractive destination of tourism, especially for young couples. This city is known for the name “the city of thousands of pine trees” with lots of green pine forests. Talking about Dalat, many people say that it is a romantic city with the landscape as the background in many films of love that we can see every day.


But in Dalat, there are not onlypoetic y peaceful places but also many waterfalls with strong currents, which are favorable conditions for an interesting sport: rafting. So, if you don’t want to have a normal trip as other persons: visit famous places, try delicious food, etc; why don’t you thinking of white water rafting in Dalat?

What’s white water rafting in Dalat?

You can understand simply that Dalat white water rafting is an outdoor activity which we use an inflatable raft to navigate on a river and this is done on white water or different level of water. This outdoor activity has become a popular leisure sport since 1950 in the world and up to now, more and more people like this. In Vietnam, white water rafting is not popular, many Vietnamese persons never have tried this type of sport. Therefore, this sport becomes an attraction of Dalat and makes everybody want to try it.


You can’t make a tour of white water rafting in Dalat by yourself because it is a team sport. First, you have to choose the river’s parts that have strong currents, noisy sound and white foams. Then, you and your team sit on the boat, “fight” against the currents of water. Just a mistake can driver you into danger, so all of you need to coordinate in perfect teamwork. When you are doing it, you can feel so scare but we believe that after, you will never forget this great feeling and perhaps want to try it once more.

White water rafting Dalat is really a perfect experience that you need to try once in your life with your friends. Don’t let your youth be boring and try to create beautiful memory as much as possible.