Do you enjoy watching the sunflowers are blooming? Do you want your flower field amidst seemingly endless long? You’d sniffed “smell” natural surround yourself? If you have come to the sunflower fields in the North West of Nghe An.

Previously sunflower fields in Nghe An is the destination of young people across the country, the current favorite lot overseas tourists began to notice and seek. They may not like flowers, but standing in front of a beautiful setting so suddenly fell in love ever since.


If you intend to make a Vietnam tour and visit the “sun flower hill ‘, please scheduled in advance. By not always have the time to admire flowers. And you know, flowers bloom only at a certain time and not bloom year round. Want to watch the most beautiful sunflowers go in the winter, around November onwards until January.

If you move from their countries to live here, you will arrive at the airport Vinh. From Vinh you can take a bus or taxi to Nghia Dan. Just say you want to sunflower garden of TH Truemilk, you will be guided hearted. Or if you are anywhere in Vietnam, you can easily come here by plane, train, car or motorcycle.


A special feature of this attraction is that you can visit free of charge. If there is a fee that is charged to you then eat, drink or buy souvenirs. Traveling here you will save a lot of money compared to other tourist destinations.

Arrive and you will unleash see the sunflowers are geared themselves towards the sun. A field of flowers yellow flowers seemed a gorgeous picture. You remember to bring a piece of the picture to make shooting commemorate offline! Marrying couples often choose where to photograph the wedding there.


Apart sunflowers, here there are vast meadows, where you stand which can release your soul bobbing slightly, watching the scene in four directions. Distant hills undulating, looming a few small houses, your heart will calm to wonder witnessed this scene.

Apart from sightseeing, you also have the opportunity to enjoy popular specialties such as Nghe An eel porridge, cake smoother, timid, relatively … The affordable but delicious dishes to hard to resist, but you can hardly find elsewhere.

End tour sunflower fields, you do not miss the other trait in Nghe An before visiting other places nhé! Destinations Nghe famous may be mentioned as Sen village (countryside cabinet of President Ho Chi Minh), Hoang Tru village (childhood home of President Ho Chi Minh), the historic Truong Bon Thac Khe Kem, sea Cua Lo, cave Beauty hug …