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You will regret if arriving in Saigon and not try all these 9 fancy street-foods

1. Broken rice

Mentioning cooked rice as a symbol of Saigon’s specialties is nothing wrong. Because this dish is so typical and popular that in Saigon, people can eat it all day, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. For many people, it’s​ even a perfect choice for late night meals.

A plate full of rice with a lot of other foods, first, of course, is broken rice, followed by grilled ribs, omelet, steamed egg with meat, sausages, pork skin strings. To make the rice more attractive, on the plate, people will add some spring onion sauce, scraps for more attractive. And finally, to complete, the rice dish will be served with a sweet fish sauce.


Broken rice

Not only an eye-catching harmony of ingredients, Saigon’s broken rice is really delicious, rice also scored by its special flavor. Sweet fish sauce seeps into each grain of rice blended with the fat of the spring onion sauce brings a strong taste which can impress you immediately. In particular, the ribs are marinated carefully and then baked on the charcoal, and this makes the scent of this dish become irresistible to anyone​. The average price of this dish is from 25.000 to 40.000 VND, which is truly affordable to anyone.

2. Crab soup

In Hanoi and in many northern provinces, crab soup is usually only served in restaurants or parties. But in Saigon, this is a favorite snack and extremely popular. Indeed, in Saigon, you can fully enjoy a cup of quality crab soup on the sidewalk with an average price of 15.000 to 20.000 VND.


Crab soup

Ingredients of crab soup are varied, including crab meat, torn chicken, quail eggs, mushrooms, some places also add black eggs, even boiled pig brains to make the soup bowl look more quality. The yellow sauce of crab soup with crab meat served with cilantro, pepper and thanks to this smart combination, peppers gives rise to a seductive odor and natural sweetness, especially you can never find it bored when eating crab soup.

Attractive, suitable for both adults and children, so among hundreds of Saigon snacks, crab soup always has its own place. Regardless of hot or cold weather, sunny days or rainy days, crab soup still makes​ customers dazed and enlisted in every tan.

3. Fried cake

This is a Chinese dish, but when it came to Saigon, it was transformed by the taste of the Vietnamese and gradually became a snack branded by Saigon. The fried cake is made from flour, then add a little oil, then boil the flour to firm and turn ivory white. Next, the seller put steamed powder in a square shape and poured in a cold plate, chopped the pieces and put them on a frying pan of hot oil.


Fried cake

4. Pha Lau

Long ago, Pha Lau was a snack, savory food of Saigonese. This is a dish made from the viscera of animals, in which the most common is breaking the viscera. Pha Lau is an addictive food, the first try can be normal, but eat the second time, third will definitely make you can never say no to it anymore.


Pha Lau

Hot pot of water include spices such as five flavors, cinnamon, octagonal, ephedrine, along with some herbs. Meat can be anything from the tongue, ear, intestines to the stomach of pigs and cows. Pha Lau is often boiled and spiced with coconut milk. When there are customers, the seller will use scissors and cutters cut the ingredients in the pot into pieces, put it in the cups and then pour the soup.

5. Salad rolls

In Saigon, salad roll is a popular food, because it is easy to eat and light for your stomach. Salad rolls can be used to eat in the midst of hunger, eat for your late night meal, or instead of the main meal as well.

Only four main ingredients are rice paper, vegetables (lettuce and herbs), vermicelli, boiled meat, boiled shrimps, rolls will bring a lot of tastes: sour, spicy, salty, sweet, fragrant. Pork is selected from medium fat and lean meat; Boiled or steamed shrimp; Add a little vermicelli, bean sprouts, herbs, salads,…


Salad rolls

The salad is delicious, the raw materials must be fresh, the technician has skillful hands to make beautiful salad but not too much energy. In addition, soy sauce also plays an important role. There are two main types of sauce is soy sauce and seasoning sauce. When eating salad rolls, using each hand, dots dipped into the bowl of dipping sauce, bite the tooth rooted to see the delicious, the great of this popular dish.

6. Sticky rice with meat

Sticky rice with meat is an extremely rich meal, with ingredients such as chicken, sticky rice, sausage, quail eggs, cauliflower, meat ball cake,…


Sticky rice with meat

Sellers always know how to impress people from the way of setting up with the glittering car, food is always full and deliciously decorated. And one of the famous sticky rice places in Saigon can be referred is market Chieu Chau.

7. Bread

Bread, in any region, every province, every place, has its own variation in ingredients, making a difference to the food which is very familiar. Saigon is one of the most unique and fascinating bread kingdoms, so once coming to Saigon, there’s no reason to not try this specialty.


Saigon’s bread

The most popular type of bread in Saigon is sandwiches with all kinds of pates, butter, sausages, hams … A loaf of quality sandwiches like in Huynh Hoa’s famous shop can even reach to VND 50,000, but make up for it is the mouth-watering bite of quality bread crumbs crust crispy crisp that you can’t find anywhere else.

Bread is so delicious, wonderful and affordable with its price is only 15.000 to 20.000VND. So what is the reason not to put bread on the list of certain dishes must “eat” when you go to Saigon?

8. Mixed rice paper

People often say that Saigon is a place where people from all over the country come to do business, so Saigon do have “specialty​” because it was mixed up. Reflecting on this is both true and not true. Some of the “Saigon specialties” are now imported from other provinces, but in this prosperous city, they are painted, varnished, becoming the only dish that can not be found.


Mixed rice paper

Mixed rice paper with shrimp salt in Tay Ninh province, when it came to Saigon, the rice cake was “crunchy”, add any dried beef, spinach, sour mango … and become authentic Saigon specialty from about 8 to 9 years. Now a pack of “standard” mixed rice paper in Saigon has no less than 10 ingredients. This can be found at all school gates, parks … from 10.000 to 20.000VND.

9. Hu Tieu

Hu Tieu is popular dish of Saigon. The Saigon’s Hu Tieu is very varied, from beef Hu Tieu to Hu Tieu Nam Vang or fresh Hu Tieu.


Hu Tieu

The Hu Tieu is also always included in the menu, meaning that you can have breakfast or have a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s a bowl of noodles in the shop or a pavement on the sidewalk, this dish is something that is suitable for everyone. The noodles are soft, long, soft sweet flavor will make you remember forever about.

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