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Which travel Vietnam wall tourists should know before making a trip to this country?

Besides the priority that Vietnam is giving to tourists from everywhere in the world when making a Vietnam holiday tours, there are still something that tourists should keep in mind when taking a travel Vietnam.

1. Travel Vietnam documentary should be carefully prepared

  • Getting the travel insurance


Travel insurance is always a necessary thing in every trip

Travel insurance is very necessary when traveling abroad as it will help you very much in case you are unfortunate to encounter a risky accident. If you do not want to spend time learning about the insurance coverage of many different companies, the insurance companies in every malls will help you to purchase affordable travel insurance at a very competitive price.

  • Passport and visa examination

Passport is the most important personal document when you travel abroad. Most countries (including Vietnam) require that your passport be valid for at least 6 months. If you are unfamiliar, travel agents in the mall will help you renew or get a passport for you, or even apply for an emergency visa.


Visa and passport are things not to forget in a trip

You will need to prepare a copy of your personal papers such as a passport, a few photos (4x6cm) to reprint your passport in case you lose it, driver’s license, travel insurance, flight tickets and leave them separate from the original passport.

2. Currency for a travel Vietnam


Find out about the rate between VND and the currency of your country beforehand

In Vietnam: you must notify customs if you bring in or out of Vietnam over $5,000, $15 million. (Including cash and travel checks). If you do not give the correct notice, the amount or money that exceeds the claim may be confiscated or fined.

3. Travel Vietnam weather

Besides the issues of travel Vietnam documentary and currency, the difference of the travel Vietnam weather is also some kind of a travel Vietnam wall that can make tourists hesitate for making an ultimate travel Vietnam.

Vietnam has a tropical climate, with many sunny days in a year and sudden rains. However, because it lies close to the sea, therefore sometimes, the weather here is kinda unpredictable.


You can meet sudden rains in Vietnam, so bring the raincoat or umbrella with you

But don’t be so worried about the difference or the unpredictability in the weather of Vietnam! Because, tourists can easily find the travel Vietnam health advice online and apply them to get over this trouble, just by bringing along something to protect them from cold like cold pills, warm bag, jacket,…, something to protect them from strong sun like the sunscreen, hat, umbrella,… Or even if you forget to bring along those things when coming to Vietnam because you can easily find a store, a pharmacy,… sell those on every streets in cities.

4. Choose the suitable Vietnam tours

Some experience that are very attractive and interesting in Vietnam such as a travel Vietnam by motorbike or a unique travel Vietnam mixed with a bit adventurous feeling,… but these kinds of tours in Vietnam may be not a good selection for the whole of your family. Therefore, if you accompany with children or elderly, a travel Vietnam with family in some less challenging destinations like Da Nang, Hanoi or Hoi An may be much more suitable.


Da Nang is a perfect destination for a travel Vietnam with family

Well, that’s some elements that you should pay attention before making a travel Vietnam. If those information above are still not enough for you, then you can try find more about it on the reliable travel Vietnam forums online.

Prepare carefully, be calm in every situation and your travel Vietnam will be one of the most memorable journey in your life.


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