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Which kinds of accommodations to choose in a Vietnam holiday?

You want to come to Vietnam once but don’t know where to stay or which kind of accommodations to choose in order to have a really memorable Vietnam tour.

Then, maybe the list of kinds of accommodations in Vietnam below will be helpful for you.

1. Hotel and hostel

While hotel is a comfortable kind of accommodation, with international standards, hostel can be understood as the much simplier kind of hotel which is more suitable for the adventurers who want to discover and experience than the tourists who want to enjoy and relax with the services.


A luxury hotel in Vietnam

If the hotel is clearly divided and there are certain standards, with restaurants, spa, bar, gym room, massage, swimming pool,… then the hostel is cheaper, hostels often have multi-storied beds, just like the beds in dormitories. Therefore, most of the tourists choosing hostels are adventurers.

2. Homestay

“Homestay” means that you will live in a house of a local family, live and work as a member of their family.

When choosing to stay in a homestay, instead of staying at a hotel, hostel or motel, you will have chance to become a part, a member of a local family, to have a closer and more realistic view of their own lifestyle and culture.


Experiencing homestay always leaves tourists unforgettable memories

Enjoying a homestay experience and tourists will be considered as a member of the family and participate in everyday activities such as having meals and chatting with other members. Guests are also required to follow the rules in that family, such as respecting the elderly, respecting other private space, helping some household chores,…

Once you choose to experience a homestay travel, you will certainly not be able to feel the absolute comfort as the resort at the hotel,… But in return, you’ll get the real and interesting experience when being directly involved in the activities of local people.

3. Resort


A resort in Nha Trang

Resort is a type of resort built independently into groups of villas, apartments, bungalows,… in the area of attractive beautiful scenery, beautiful natural environment. When coming to resort, tourists will be treated very well, as king and queen. Therefore, if you’re looking for a relaxing trip, then resort is definitely where you should come.

4. Bungalow


A bungalow in Ninh Binh

The bungalow has been imported into Vietnam in the past 10 years and mainly appear in high-end resorts along the beach. With a relatively large area requirement, this type of accommodation is not suitable in big cities like Ho Chi Minh city or Hanoi, so bungalows are only popular in coastal resorts, especially in Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, Phu Quoc,…

5. Vietnam holiday house rentals or Vietnam holiday villa rental

Another kind of accommodation for a trip in Vietnam, that’s Vietnam holiday house rentals or Vietnam holiday villa rental.

In Vietnam, they build up a lot of apartments and villas, but not to live, most of them use those apartments and villas for rent.


A villa for rent

In those apartments and villas will be well equipped with necessary furnitures. Therefore, for the tourists who have a considerable budget, they often spend a bit more to get a Vietnam holiday house rental or a Vietnam holiday villa rental, so that they can enjoy their vacation by the way they want.

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