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Which destinations to go in the biggest Vietnam holiday Tet

Tet, the biggest Vietnam holiday, is coming, and you’re someone who always wants​ to find out where the most fantastic Vietnam holiday destination is.

Well, no more hesitation because what I’ll tell you below will be the most wonderful places with the most interesting activities that you must experience when making a Vietnam holiday in Tet.

1. The Northwest highland – A Vietnam holiday destination full of new discovery

When spring comes, the mountains and forests of the Northwest look like wearing a new dress, which is very poetic and lyrical like the beautiful paintings of the Creator. This rustic but beautiful trait of Northwest region help it attract a lot of tourists each year.


A breath-taking landscapes in Moc Chau

During the cold spring weather here, wearing warm colored shirts, watching the terraced rice fields, the winding roads in the early morning mist, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of this high region. Taking a chance to participate in a Vietnam holiday tour to this romantic beautiful place will certainly be an unforgettable experience for any visitors.

2. Da Nang – City of festivals

Da Nang is considered an unforgettable Vietnam holiday destination to welcome New Year. This wonderful city has a lot of activities celebrating the New Year, and many other special performances. To celebrate the moment of meaning transfer between the new year and the old year.


The amazing beauty of Da Nang

With many interesting attractions in the city such as: Son Tra Peninsula, My Khe Beach, Ba Na,… and nearby places such as Hue, Hoi An,…, Da Nang tourism on the occasion of New Year , will definitely bring new experience for visitors.

3. Nha Trang – Follow the call of blue sea in this fancy Vietnam holiday destination

Nha Trang beach in the spring with warm sunshine, calm waves and many interesting activities,… has become one of the most ideal Vietnam holiday destinations this year.


Nha Trang with endless blue with pure blue water

In Nha Trang, besides the Vinpearl Land, visitors can explore many other tourist attractions such as Thap Ba hot mineral spring, Dam market, Doc Let beach, Chanh Thang church, Long Son pagoda,… If you like a little more exciting, you can fully immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of welcoming the new year of the coastal city, held in the square or Grand Tower.

4. Phan Thiet – A fancy Vietnam holiday destination with wonderful resorts

With a system of modern luxury resorts, many beautiful beaches, and countless attractions, Phan Thiet beach is always a popular Vietnam holiday destination for any tourist. A trip to Phan Thiet will be the best choice for you to have a happy spring day.


A beautiful resort in Phan Thiet

5. Da Lat – A charming Vietnam holiday destination for any season of the year

Da Lat in the spring is like a beautiful young girl. Welcoming on this mountain town, visitors will have the opportunity to walk on the peaceful streets, the two sides are covered by a variety of brilliant flowers, and breathe in the fresh air of the early morning of this plateau. In addition, visitors can also experience the feeling of sitting in a nice coffee shop, sipping a hot coffee and feeling the moments of seasonal delivery to loved ones.


Da Lat a charming princess

6. Phu Quoc – The precious green pearl of Vietnam tourism

A trip to Phu Quoc island will certainly bring you the most memorable experience, because this is the most beautiful weather in Phu Quoc in the year. Here, visitors can enjoy the warm sun on the fine white sand, enjoy a variety of fresh seafood and experience the exciting activities on the sea such as playing games feeling strong squid fishing, sunset watching and scuba diving.


The pearl Phu Quoc island of Vietnam

7. Mekong Delta – The Vietnam holiday special destination

Coming to this Vietnam holiday special destination, you’ll have chance to explore the West floating market in the last days, feel the beauty of the river. On the New Year, although not the traditional Tet holiday, but on the floating market is always bustling with big and small, full of fruits and flowers, as well as other food items.


The eventful Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Visit here, visitors will have the opportunity to capture all the rustic, seductive and peaceful beauty of the water and enjoy many traditional dishes of the people in the southwestern region.

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