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Where to go in Vietnam

You have a long vacation and still don’t know where to go to both enjoy those precious days and satisfy your discovering passion. Well, no need to hesitate anymore because there are wonderful destinations in Vietnam below that can give you endless happiness when coming to.

1. Phong Nha – Ke Bang


Phong Nha – Ke Bang has a great flora and fauna biodiversity

Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park is truly a masterpiece that Mother Earth offered to Vietnam. When coming here, you will have chance to admire Southeast Asian most beautiful river, which flows through a magnificent cave system.


The magnificent beauty of Phong Nha cave

If you’re someone who are searching for the adventure, then a trip through this national park will definitely make you overwhelmed because it looks just like a fairy land which you can only imagine or see in the paintings.

2. Hoi An


The ancient street in Hoi An

There’s no one coming to Vietnam can ignore the ancient Hoi An. The peaceful atmosphere, the friendly smile of locals, the delicious specialties, the romantic roads when the night falls, the shimmering lanterns,… everything of this place is just like a beautiful, shy girl, a muse that can steal anyone’s heart at the first sight.


The beautiful lantern of Hoi An

3. Phu Quoc island


The pristine beach on Phu Quoc island

If you love the waves, then the pristine Phu Quoc island is absolutely the place for you. Its fine white sands, its clear blue water, its gorgeous beaches like Sao beach, Long beach,… will make you just want to jump into the water, lie on the beautiful sands or camp overnight here to have chance to admire the romantic sunrise.


The clear blue sea-water in Phu Quoc

4. Sapa


Sapa has the most beautiful terraced rice fields in Southeast Asia

Mentioning about the paradise in Vietnam, there’s a place we can’t never miss, that’s the land of clouds – Sapa. Any trekkers always want to come to Sapa at least once in their life.


Sapa is most beautiful in Spring

With its amazingly natural beauty, its cool weather, its terraced rice fields, and its diversified ethnic minority groups with a lot of interesting festivals and unique markets,… Once coming to Sapa, you’ll definitely be conquered by this “paradise”.

5. Halong Bay


Halong bay is one of the most beautiful bays in Southeast Asia

Halong bay is one of World’s natural wonders that Vietnam luckily possesses. Just come here and you’ll know why this place is considered as the symbol of Vietnamese tourism.


The beauty of this bay can attract any tourist

With the cool, crystal water, the limestone mountains rising from the bottom of the bay, the floating villages, the rustic countryside,…these elements created a Halong bay with romantic scenery that you can’t ever find in anywhere else.

6. Phu Yen


Ghenh Da Dia is a unique landscape in Phu Yen

Some people may still consider Phu Yen as a new destination in their tourist map, but this place is really a new pearl of Vietnamese tourism.


Xom Ro wave-stopping dyke in Phu Yen

With magnificent destinations with unique beauty like Ghenh Da Dia, Xom Ro wave-stopping dyke, Dai Lanh lighthouse,… Phu Yen won’t make you disappointed whenever you visit this charming province.

7. Ninh Binh


Mua cave has a magnificent view

Ninh Binh may be a new name to some foreign tourists when mentioning about Vietnamese tourism. But even though its beauty has just discovered, this beautiful land still become more and more attractive to many travelers, photographers and film-makers (“Kong – Skull island” is a famous movie filmed in Ninh Binh).


Bai Dinh pagoda is also an attraction of Ninh Binh

Coming to Ninh Binh and you’ll have chance to admire the endless natural beauty of this place, such as Mua cave, Bai Dinh pagoda,…

Vietnam will definitely make any tourist overwhelmed when coming to its tourist attractions.

So, what are still waiting for? Let’s take your backpack and go to this wonderful land to discover its picturesque natural scenery!


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