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What to prepare for your baby’s first trip? (Part 1)

Traveling not only helps children get more opportunities to exposure to the outside world, but it would also be unforgettable moments of the whole family. The biggest questions are where to go and what to prepare for the trip? If you want to make your children’s first trip an unforgettable moment, take Vietnam tours with Asia Tour Advisor and let we share with you those “tactics” to make the trip simpler and easier than ever!

  1. Choose an appropriate destination

When traveling with children, especially under 2 years old ones, mothers should not choose tours that move too much in a short time, especially those that emphasize on the discovery, adventurers, etc. These trips not only make the entire family tired but also to be less appeal for babies. Instead, mothers should choose resort destinations with plenty of spaces for the babies, such as beach games, swimming pool, etc. Select resort destinations help children less tired when they do not have to move too much, trips just are gentle so that mothers also feel released the burden of childcare.

Vietnam is a country of cultural diversity where there are thousands of places for you to explore. Children can learn many different things in this country, so let give them a memorable time and accumulate more knowledge by Vietnam tours – culture exploration tours.

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Explore Vietnam culture together


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  1. Choose appropriate means of transportation

When traveling by planes, you should choose the front seat (if ordering tickets online) or ask staff to arrange check-in the front seat when performing the procedures at airports. When moving by trains or cars, you should choose the location and spacious seats to keep the babies comfortable and avoid tiring of moving for long periods of time.

Asia Tour Advisor can help you easier when finding means of transportation, all of Vietnam tours we provide are well prepared, so you will never worry about how to move, how to find transports, etc. Just call (+84) 4 3926 3858 or send us email: for information.

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Family fantastic time when enjoying the Vietnam tour we offer

  1. Choose suitable clothes

First and foremost, mothers should prepare appropriate clothing for the babies. For example, if you travel in the summer, you should prepare cool clothes with good sweat absorbency, and a few clothes to prevent cold weather in the evening. In addition to dresses, the hats, sunglasses, blankets pillow baby daily, sunscreen, mosquito spray, insect treatment cream for babies, drugs, anti-diarrhea medication, personal dressings as well as indispensable items for babies.

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Choose suitable clothes for your children

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