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What to love and not to love in Sapa tours

Sapa, who once come, will always leave great Sapa tours reviews and even want to stay as long as possible. Sapa’s climate is a bit like Da Lat’s, but the landscape and people here will make you feel like being in a different world.

At the end of April and the early May is the worst time of the year in Sapa, so if you want to admire the beauty of the terraced rice fields here, you shouldn’t come to Sapa at this time. But in return, you still can find out about the culture of the ethnic minority groups here, with the lovely Black H’Mong girls wearing brocade costumes embroidered with colorful patterns and impressive hospitality.


H’mong people

In winter, before the New Year, Sapa is extremely beautiful with the thick mist, the coldness, and even the white snow covering all over the place. Winter in Sapa is very cold, with the night temperature can be down to 0 degrees Celsius.

Many visitors have made this review after their Sapa tours that this land has four seasons in a day. In the morning, it is cold, the temperature is about 12-18 degrees. At midday, the weather is warmer and you’ll just need a jacket or sweater to take a walk outside. It was interesting that before they entered the restaurant, the dew covered their faces without seeing each other, so they finished eating in the sunshine but turned back and dew covering all the road.


Sapa In the morning

In contrast to the towns and villages in the north-east, the lifestyle and people in the northwest have changed due to the tourist development. Right in the center of the town, you will find many people of the H’Mong and the Red Dao, most of the hotels, restaurants, houses of this town are owned by the Western owners who love living here and settle down to earn a living by opening a western restaurant or a bar.

The H’Mong girls here speak and communicate in English quite well, and the old women can also communicate very fluently with foreign tourists. They use this English skill to invite the foreign tourists to buy their items.


The homestay in Sapa

This is really a good sign that a remote area can get thanks to tourism, the lives of these people have improved a lot. But paying for a photo or selling a ticket is obviously something not pretty here. And Sapa is now full of Chinese souvenirs, brocade bags and belts are all made by machine and shipped from China, only a few are handcrafted.

But many tourists still love Sapa because of the good things it brings. In the main rice harvest near the harvest season, the landscape around Sapa is very beautiful. Most of the tourists love the feeling of sitting and sipping a cup of coffee at a coffee shop right at the main street quietly, watching the scene of tourists fluttering, bustling Hmong, the Dao offering their items to tourists.


A café in Sapa

The feeling of sitting in the restaurant looks out over the cliff as if the clouds were about to touch. Enjoy the nightly walk on Sapa’s small alleys, have a variety of choices, or go to a small pub by the fireplace listening to the Beatles, or go to a club of beer tumbling on the background of DJ music.

Sapa travel experience

  • Vehicles

Hanoi – Lao Cai: train (night train, morning arrival)

Lao Cai – Sapa: bus, taxi (40 minutes)

Motorbikes and bicycles are easy to rent in the town center, the price for renting it in a day is about 120,000 – 150,000 VND

  • Where to go in Sapa

Both Ta Van and Lao Chai villages are only 8 km from Sapa center. When coming to these villages, you will have a chance to admire the roofs scattered among the beautiful terraces. If you want to explore the life of the people here, you can use the Homestay service. The best season is from August to October.


Ta Van village

If you have plenty of time and love to ride your bike on the pass, you can go further to Ban Ho 25 km from the center. On the way there, you can stop at Cau May, a quite beautiful destination in Sapa.

Some attractions around Sapa: Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Thac Bac, who want to try hard can climb Mount Fansipan …

  • Eating


Sapa salmon

There are a lot of kinds of foods in Sapa, from European dishes to Vietnamese dishes, and also ethnic dishes. In the Northwest, do not forget to try some specialties such as boiled armpit, black chicken, especially, you should try Sapa salmon, should not eat raw because not as sweet as Japanese salmon but used to cook hot pot is quite good.

  • Accommodation

The hotels around the town are all kinds: Muong Hoa, Holiday Sapa, Chau Long,… Chau Long and Sapa Holiday can be a good choice, but do not stay in the basement. The most pleasant feeling is to open the window to the wind rushed into the easy and quiet.

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