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What to expect for a cultural tour to Chiang Mai (part 1)

Chiang Mai always attracts travelers who are passionate in exploring the subtle natural beauty, however, this tourist destination is getting even more attractive to travelers thanks to the traditional umbrella-making village and the lantern festival which express the cultural characteristics of Chiang Mai the most.

700km north of Bangkok, Chiang Mai province covers an area of the 20,000km square with the charming natural scenery. It is a peaceful land and is known as “Northern Rose” of Thailand. Coming to the beautiful capital of Chiang Mai, depending on the number of members of your group, you can rent a car or songthaew (a special transport in some Asia countries) to travel and sightsee around the city.

And here are 6 interesting suggestions for you to spend your two days in Chiang Mai, the muse of Thai tourism.

1. Visiting the spiritual temple Doi Suthep

Thai people said this sentence “Not coming to Wat Pharathat Doi Suthep, that means you have never been to Chiang Mai.” Therefore, the first tourist point in the journey is the most sacred pagoda in the area, locals call it Doi Suthep. The temple is more than 600 years old, located 15km from the town, on the mountain which has the same name at an altitude over 1,000m above the sea level.

What-to-expect-for-a-cultural-tour-to-Chiang-Mai-(part 1)1

Wat Pharathat Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai

In the cold climate of the mountain, the car runs on the winding road with the challenging passage, sometimes you may have to suffer from the tinnitus and shock on the way, but you can eat some ginger candy to make it a bit more pleasant. No matter it’s on the holidays or on weekdays, visitors coming to the temple are always crowded, they come here to admire the beautiful architecture and praying.

What-to-expect-for-a-cultural-tour-to-Chiang-Mai-(part 1)2

The stairs leading to the temple

To go to the temple, you have to cross more than 300 stairs with both sides carved with the image of Naga snake-god. From the pagoda, you can see the view of the whole town and countryside in the fog. Inside the pagoda, there is a golden stupa in which contains the relics of the Buddha. Around the stupas, people kneel in a row, hold white lotus bush, red rose petal and walk three rounds around the tower to pray. Around the temple are hundreds of carved Buddha statues.

2. Admire the beauty of Wachirathan waterfall

On the way up to Doi Inthanon, there’s one very beautiful stop, that’s the Wachirathan Waterfall (in Thai, it means diamonds), in Chom Thong Commune. This is Thailand’s second largest and most beautiful waterfall, with a height of about 80m. Stepping on the rock stairs leading to the top of the waterfall, you will see the currents of water flowing strongly, pouring into the abyss with white foam created by strong currents from the top of the waterfall, you can also see the sun shining through water which creates shimmering rainbow above. In addition, the water dust flying up to a large space makes it look like snowflakes in the middle of winter.

What-to-expect-for-a-cultural-tour-to-Chiang-Mai-(part 1)3

Wachirathan waterfall in Chiang Mai

Beautiful scenery of the gorgeous waterfall will become the inspiration for many visitors who love photography. It is interesting to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the waterfalls while sipping a cup of hot milk in the cool Chiang Mai air.

3. Chiang Mai Night Market

Walking around the night market in Chiang Mai, you will have the chance to enjoy watching the stalls of clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, to the handicraft,… This is the main shopping center of the town.

What-to-expect-for-a-cultural-tour-to-Chiang-Mai-(part 1)4

Chiang Mai night market

If you want to buy some souvenir items, you can choose some local products such as sculpture wood, hand embroidered shawls and remember to negotiate a reasonable price.

And those are the 3 out of 6 things that tourists must try once coming to Chiang Mai, the muse of Thai tourism. To find out the other 3 things on the list, follow me to the NEXT part of this article!

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