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What do you like best in Saigon?

Recently, during a chat with a Canadian friend who took a tour to Saigon, he asked me: What do you like most in Vietnam? I was thinking a while and answering: I must be the one who ask you that question. He said: There is nothing different if I or you answer this question, because to me, I like nature, plants in Canada most, you?

I had to think for a moment, then I replied: I like the landscape of Vietnam most.

Similarly, I would like to ask you, people who were born, grew up, go to school, go to work in Saigon long enough to call it a familiar place, maybe a home, or a second hometown: What do you like the most in Saigon?

Often for what is too familiar to us, when asked to talk about them, we have nothing to say, nothing to tell,… But if you think about it carefully, if there is time to recollect, you will see that there are so many things worth mentioning.

Ignoring the obnoxious things we have to accept “living with the flood” as the noise is an essential part of the city, with the roads are always full of cars, motorbikes, dusty faces, traffic jams, … it is fair to say, in Saigon, there are still many things to love and remember about.

I do not know what I like most in Saigon, but what I like and love about this city is also quite much.

  • I like Saigon with natural landscapes, rivers, canals, lakes, and thousands of interwoven bridges,… If you have time, try to ride through the bridges of Saigon, where from the high overlooking the river, watching the boat running back and forth, will be also a very romantic scenery.


A natural landscape in Saigon

  • I like Sai Gon with the spiritual temples. Saigon has countless temples. In 20 districts, there’s nowhere doesn’t have at least some temples. Although in many temples, the scene of trafficking is still happening, but in fact, going to the temple, looking at the landscape, watching people praying, is also a way to understand more about life, to feel more relaxed.


A temple in district 5 of Saigon

  • I like to walk around in district 1, the center of popular tourist destinations in the city, such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, Central post-office, City theater,… This place is also the home of many restaurants – big hotels. But thing that I like about district 1 is not the luxury restaurants, the 5-star hotels,…, but the street vendors, the street foods, the eventful lifestyle,… that it possesses. Watching people’s activities, facial expressions, and guess who they are, what they are thinking,… are quite interesting for me.


The eventful atmosphere on a street in Saigon at night

  • I like the green, relaxed atmosphere in the park, where there are always people, especially young people coming and holding the music or dancing performances every day. The park in Saigon is also where people exercise, play soccer or badminton in every early morning or afternoon. Some of the parks are even equipped with compact exercise equipment. Park in Saigon is also where people enjoy the scenery, the fresh air, the cool breeze, a little peace among such crowded city. There is also a kind of coffee that created a unique culture for Saigon, the street coffee.
  • I like Saigon in the remote suburbs, it seems to be just a river, a canal, or a bridge, a land that has two opposite lives. One side is rich, luxury, one side is not rich as the other, but very close and romantic.


On a side of Saigon river

  • I like Saigon in street vendors, who sell ​​all sorts of things, from fruits, sweets, clothes, books, leather bags, children’s toys,… They have contributed to creating a unique and diverse culture for this city.
  • I also like Saigon when the lights up. The light shimmered everywhere. At that time, the heart is at its most emotional period, that’s the time when the children living far from their family remember about their father, mother and young brothers or sisters.

That’s what I like most in this modern, crowded but sometimes lonely place, so, what is your favorite things in Saigon?

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