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What are the top things of the world’s​ tourism that you can find in Vietnam (part 2)

Through the Part 1 of this article, you may get surprised why such small country like Vietnam can have so many top things that appear in the world’s ranking list like that? Why tours to Vietnam is always a favorite option of travelers? But don’t be so overwhelmed because that list is uncompleted!

So, let’s continue our half-done list of top things of the world’s tourism that you can find in Vietnam!

1. World’s most delicious dishes

Voted by the Business Insider, Vietnamese Pho, especially Pho Hanoi, is ranked one of the top of the must-eat dishes when coming to Asia, leaving famous sushi (Japan) or Penang assamlaksa (Malaysia). Pho is a symbol of Vietnam’s rich traditional cuisine with the fantastic match of typical and special spices and ingredients. It’s not only tasty but also good for health too, thanks to a great variety of vegetables come along with.

What-are-the-top-things-of-the-world’s-tourism-that-you-can-find-in-Vietnam-(part 2)1

The taste of Pho is always a muse of any food lovers

Once being in Vietnam, you can easily find and enjoy the dish in every regions of the country, and each region will give you different, tasty flavors due to their difference in recipe; however Pho is still a Vietnamese quintessence no matter where it is,a reason for the development of Vietnam’s tourism.

2. World’s most delicious street foods in the world

Ho Chi Minh City is the best candidate in this aspect. Its name appears in the eighth position in a ranking list of best street foods made by the Food and Wine. So, if you’re a foodie and travel to this city, you can easily find snacks and exotic wonderful dishes just on the sidewalks.

What-are-the-top-things-of-the-world’s-tourism-that-you-can-find-in-Vietnam-(part 2)2

Hu Tieu is one of the most popular street foods in Ho Chi Minh City

The flavor is so fantastic and the recipes are alwayskeptsecret. Some fabulous dishes can’t be ignore are “Bun Thit Nuong”, “Com Tam”, “Hu Tieu”,…

3. World’s most attractive tourist destinations

Hanoi was ranked the eighth position on the list of world’s​ most attractive tourist destinations. In Asia, Hanoi only goes after Beijing (China). This city is always a must-go, not only due to its nostalgic and elegant features, but also due to its famous 36 ancient quarters, majestic pagodas and temples, lakes,…

What-are-the-top-things-of-the-world’s-tourism-that-you-can-find-in-Vietnam-(part 2)3

Hanoi is often considered as an harmony of modern breath and nostalgic breath

The cuisine here is also the well-known one in the country with its quintessence of both recipes and ingredients. Therefore, don’t drop by Vietnam too fast to try the fancy cuisine here.

4. World’s largest cave

Son Doong cave (Quang Binh) has become one of the hottest destinations in Vietnam, just as attractive to tourists as Ha Long Bay, affirmed by many top trustworthy sites like the BBC, the National Geographic News, the Huffington Post and more. It has been recognized as the biggest cave in the world with nearly 9km length, officially explored and measured by a group of scientists from the British Cave Research Association in 2009 after the first discovery by Mr. Ho Khanh, a local man. This is absolutely an ideal place, a paradise for any adventurers and nature lovers.

What-are-the-top-things-of-the-world’s-tourism-that-you-can-find-in-Vietnam-(part 2)4

A trip to Son Doong Cave may leave you unforgettable memories ever

Besides Son Doong Cave, Phong Nha – Ke Bang Caves are also amazingly wonderful works of art, which can seduce anyone at first coming for its breathtaking green tropical forests or a fresh river running in the cave and numerous multi-shaped stalactites. When getting into the cave, it will definitely make you feel like being lost in an other world, totally different from the world out there.

5. World’s most magnificent waterfalls

Thanks to the special characteristics of mountainous terrain, Vietnam possesses quite lots of breath-taking beautiful waterfalls, especially in the Northwest regions, the highest region of Vietnam. Ban Gioc Waterfalls (Cao Bang) which is 300 meters long is the biggest Waterfalls in South East Asia and voted as the fourth biggest one on the world rank list.

What-are-the-top-things-of-the-world’s-tourism-that-you-can-find-in-Vietnam-(part 2)5

Ban Gioc waterfall is a mighty symbol of Northwestern​ Vietnam

If you look at Ban Gioc waterfall from a certain distance while it’s having heavy rains, you can be overwhelmed by its mighty appearance because it will look like a massive waterfall pouring water from the height of 53 meters, which creates an authentically spectacular scenery. You should visit Ban Gioc in wet season (May to Sep) to get it best beauty and fascination.

For those reasons above, Vietnam tour is truly a must on your bucket list and you will not be disappointed with it.


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