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What are the top things of the world’s​ tourism that you can find in Vietnam (part 1)

If you’re​ someone who’s keen on discovering and experiencing new and interesting things in the world, I bet you always want to take tours to Vietnam once in your life. Vietnam, even though is a small country but has a large number of amazing landscapes and seascapes that are usually ranked high positions on the world’s lists of the travelling best. Superb Ha Long Bay, giant Son Doong Cave and pristine Long Beach are some of recognized destinations.

Now, we will go with world’s top ranking lists on travelling and see how Vietnam’s destinations are named on such reputable lists.

1. World’s most beautiful beaches

Long Beach (Phu Quoc) was voted to be one of the world’s most pristine and beautiful beaches by a trusted travel magazine – Concierge and ABC News (Australia). Coming to this beach, you will feel like being lost in a paradise, where you could really release all the horrible stress of daily bustle life.

What-are-the-top-things-of-the-world’s-tourism-that-you-can-find-in-Vietnam-(part 1)1

The pristine beauty of Long Beach

Situated on Phu Quoc Island 15km long to the northwest, this beach has not affected by the human beings’ deployment, so it keeps the natural beauty and attraction that is deserved to be one of the most fascinating paradise possessing the warm sunshine, crystal pure water and smooth long beach for tourists coming and enjoying.

2. World’s most stunning places to take awesome photos

Hoi An was listed on the 17 most stunning places in the world to take a good photo by the Buzzfeed Travel and it is definitely an unmissable destination if you want to meet the ancientness, tranquility in a modern and hustle life to take a photo. The spot used to be a bustling trading port two hundred years ago, where carried out the international business among Japanese, Chinese, Western merchant ships and the Vietnamese ones.

What-are-the-top-things-of-the-world’s-tourism-that-you-can-find-in-Vietnam-(part 1)2

Hoi An looks like a muse in an afternoon

Thanks to remaining characteristics of the historical commercial port, Hoi An looks very nostalgic with colorful lanterns and it magnetizes thousands of visitors with its harmonic mixture of diversified cuisines. Besides being a great place to take a nice pic, the cuisine of this ancient city can also melt anyone’s heart at first time trying.

3. World’s most gorgeous bays

As one of the most beautiful bays in the world, with its name proudly stands next to other natural wonders of the world, it is no doubt that Ha Long Bay has been one of the most well-known destinations in Vietnam, a symbol of Vietnam tourism. You can meet the stunning image of Ha Long bay through lots of films and videos, in those videos, the Bay appears as fascinatingly as its possession with multi-shaped rock formations and clear pure water. With over 2,000 karst islands and islets in diversified unique geological characteristics, Ha Long Bay is a place gathering the rich biodiversity. That’s why you can’t ever have a bad photo here.

What-are-the-top-things-of-the-world’s-tourism-that-you-can-find-in-Vietnam-(part 1)3

Nobody can resist the attraction of Halong bay

Besides Ha Long, Nha Trang Bay and Lang Co Bay are also names that appear on the list of world’s most beautiful bays voted by the Club of the most beautiful bays of the world.

So, that’s all for the Part 1, if you’re still starved for the curiosity of this list of world’s top things in Vietnam, let’s follow me to the Part 2!

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