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Weird islands around the world

We all know that there are a lot of islands around the world, but most of them are somehow just a combination of white sand, blue crystal water, and long coconut lines,… except for the islands that I’ll tell you below, where you can’t find the second one all around the world.

1. Bermeja Island (Mexico) – the missing island

Appearing for the first time in the map of Spanish explorers of the 16th century, Bermeja is a large island in the Gulf of Mexico, located in the Northwest of Yucata Peninsula. However, after 1775, the island was no longer mentioned in historical documents.

By 1857, Bermeja reappeared on the American map and continued to be recognized in 1946 in a Geographic Atlas of Mexico. In 1997, a Mexican government study confirmed that Bermeja had disappeared without a trace.


Bermeja Island still leaves a lot of mystery

Even until these days, the reason for the strange disappearance of Bermeja Island remains mysterious for scientists. Assumptions such as the rise of sea level, earthquake, political purposes,… are given but all are unable to really explain about the disappearance of this island.

Bermeja’s disappearance has always been an unanswered mystery which stirs up the curiosity of every adventurers and explorer through years.

2. Doll Island (Mexico)

Mexico’s Doll Island is a strange and really scary place for even the bravest people. This is an island for curious travelers who don’t have any problem with a heart attack.

At this place, visitors will definitely be surprised and shudder when looking at the creepy eye sockets of hundreds of dolls hanging on the trees here.


Some famous horror movies are based on the story on this scary island

Julian Santana Barrera was the first to hang the dolls up in order to pray for his nightmares about a drowning little girl. Later, Julian died in a drowning accident, and this makes this Doll island more and more scary and mysterious.

3. Artificial connecting island in Titicaca Lake (Peru)

In Peru, the artificial islands on Lake Titicaca are very popular with tourists. The archipelago is made up of giant tapestries woven from totoras weaved with reeds to make it more stable, yet easy to float on the water. The houses on the island are also made from the reed so that it can light enough to float.


The unique formation of artificial connecting island in Titicaca lake

It is home to Uro tribe. Scientists believe that in the past, Uro people built artificial islands to avoid conflict with other tribes. Today, in addition to fishing, tourism has become the main source of income for Uro people on the island.

4. Thilafushi – Rubbish Island in the Maldives

Dubbed “paradise of the world”, Maldives has always been an attractive destination for tourists in recent years. However, this paradise must also “pay the price” for its incredibly fast development in tourism with the birth of Thilafushi – artificial island built to handle the rubbish from the tourist resorts in the Maldives.


You’ll get terrified if seeing the huge amount of rubbish on this island

This is also home to 150 people with the task of classifying and treating each type of trash here. However, with more than 10,000 tourists and 330 tons of rubbish a day, workers can’t handle it, causing unbelievable pollution in Maldives tourist paradise.

5. Vulcan Point Island (Philippines) – “island in island”

If you are passionate about Leonardo di Caprio’s famous movie – Inception, you will not be able to miss this exotic island. Taal is a lake located on Luzon Island of Philippines. In the middle of the lake is Taal Volcano with its mouth filled with clear water and turned into a small lake. In this volcanic lake, there is a small island called Vulcan Point.


This island will absolutely give you unforgettable experience

With amazing geographic features, Vulcan Point on Taal Volcanic Crater becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Philippines.

However, scientists still advise tourists to be aware and careful, as hiding under the gentle blue water surface here is one of the strongest volcanoes in the Philippines with 33 eruptions in the past.

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