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Weather And What to Wear In Singapore

Weather And What to Wear In Singapore

Singapore is located near the equator, this makes the country warm (to some, it could be real hot!) all year round. Average temperature is about 30 – 32 degree celcius, and most of the time (year round) you will have sunshine. So if you are coming from a country with cold climate, I guess you would welcome the change.

It used to be rainy at the end of the year (Nov, Dec, early Jan months), but since mid-nineties, the weather has been quite weird, there are no more “fixed” months when there are rain, it (the rain) just come when it feels like it!

Weather And What to Wear In Singapore

However, the rain usually do not last for more than a few hours, which is actually good news to locals and visitors alike.

It also used to be hot during the middle of the year (May, Jun, July), but recently you see heavy rainfall (again, it only last for a few hours) even during those months. Many of the older folks say it is due to the change in the world, and the world has changed, nothing is predictable anymore.. so there you go, treat the world with a little more care and respect and you will find a better world to live in.

What to Wear

As Singapore is a humid country, weather could be as high as 34° celcius – 35° celcius some days. So I would strongly recommend you bring light clothings to Singapore.

Having a T-Shirt and jeans would be good if you are going around visiting the country. As long as you are neat, you will be allowed into most places, including restaurants, clubs etc.

Weather And What to Wear In Singapore

However, some places practice different dress codes, so if you are unsure, make sure you call the place you are heading before choosing what to wear. That said, if you wear a shirt with collar, and a pair of pants (men) and dress (woman), you will be allowed into even posh restaurants.

Business Attire:

If you are heading for a business appointment, it is quite important to be properly attired. Since Singapore is a humid place, it is not consider rude if you do not wear a coat to meet the person.

Long sleeves shirt with a tie would be the minimum requirements though. If you are a lady, just wear your normal working attire.

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