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Watching circus and trying great meal when traveling to Siem Reap

Joining the street food tour with the professionals, wandering along the shopping street or enjoying a spectacular circus at Phare,… They’re all wonderful experience for visitors to experience when staying in Siem Reap for a day.

Here is a suggested schedule when you only have 24 hours to explore the land of Siem Reap Tower, Cambodia.

8h: Learn about food

Cambodian street food is as varied and diversified as neighboring countries such as Thailand or Vietnam. In a morning, you can walk and explore the city’s markets as well as try all the fancy street food stalls with a local tour guide who knows every interesting corner of this land. The food tour around Siem Reap may have priced at 75 USD per person.


Street food in Siem Reap

Traveling to Siem Reap, tourists will have a chance to enjoy unique dishes such as pancake with grilled fish sauce and pickled cucumber, coconut cream dumplings, milk soup with pumpkin,… Local flavors like rice noodle, rice noodles with coconut milk, chicken cooked with herbs are also very attractive dishes for any tourists to try whenever coming here. You can also visit a village where many families make noodles, hand noodles, and handmade appliances.

14h: Shopping without worry about anything

The evidence of the liveliness of Siem Reap is that when visitors come here, they can see the city with countless shops. You can start your shopping time at Pop-Up shop, the owner of this souvenir shop is an Australian who loves the Scandinavian design. After that, visitors should go through three blocks of building to Kandal Village, a complex of shops, cafes, restaurants, and spas.


Shopping in Siem Reap can be a paradise for any tourist

Coming to Trunkh, visitors can find exotic items such as bold cotton clothes, sarong silk motifs, and old painted signs. Cambodian designer, Sirivan Chak Dumas, owns a shop which is named after him, displaying affordable costumes that are stylish, made from cotton, silk,… If you visit Neary Khmer, you can choose the expensive silk (priced at $7 a meter) and order supplies.

16h: Exploring the world market

To recreate the energy that you lost after a day wandering around Siem Reap, you can enjoy the drink named Litter Red Fox Espresso. A cup of espresso coffee with just enough sugar and milk costs $2.5.


An eventful Cambodian market

Afterwards, visitors head to the North, through two blocks to Oum Khun Road to explore a Cambodian market. 40 stalls selling a whole range of goods, from silk towels, purses, recycled materials, to natural dyes.

17h30: Enjoying the cold


The black chocolate ice cream of Glasshouse Deli.Patisserie

Come to Glasshouse Deli.Patisserie, a delicious and famous ice cream parlor in Siem Reap. Here you can choose black chocolate ice cream or try the natural ice cream flavors like cinnamon, citronella and wild pineapple. The price of an ice cream is $2.

19h: Enjoying an entertainment night


A circus performance in Phare

A circus ticket in Phare which is just from $18 will give you the opportunity to enjoy the theater, music, dance, stories and circus art in an elaborate performance. If you choose a good seat and include a bottle of cold water, the ticket costs $35. Remember to keep the tickets because when you leave you can go to the craft shop, the coffee shop in Phare to buy things.

21:30: Having a late dinner

Rent a tuk-tuk with just $2 to Marum, a restaurant with staff members who are Cambodian disabled children, and operated by an international organization named Friends. The trend in the menu is the Spanish and Cambodian style with creative processing methods.


A unique dish here

Guests can choose crispy bugs with spicy green mango salad for $4.5, roasted peppers, goat’s milk and meaty chile for $4. Main dishes, you call fried beef with special sauce, with spinach for $6. At the end of the day, enjoy a Kampot dessert with lemon zest for $5.5.

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