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Vietnam – The country with enormous fancy destinations

With special geographic location and unique kinds of formation, Vietnam has never cooled down its heat on the tourism of all the region of Southeast Asia. Any tourists whose passion is to discover new things, new lands, new cultures will never be able to skip Vietnam in their list of must-come destinations.

However, do you have any ideas about where to go, what to see or what to eat,… when coming to Vietnam? If not, let’s take a look at my suggestions below, and you will be ready for a fancy trip to Vietnam.

1. Sapa

Located in such a high region of Vietnam, Sapa never turns down any expectations of tourists, especially trekkers. Coming to Sapa is coming to a wild, beautiful and mysterious land which is considered like a forgotten paradise.


Sapa breath-taking scenery

Not only by the breath-taking landscapes, Sapa also attracts tourists by its diversity of ethnic minorities, and each ethnic minority has its own colors, its own culture,… That’s why a tour to Sapa of Vietnam will definitely be not only a journey but also an adventure for anyone, in any time.

2. Hanoi

Known as a capital, one of the biggest cities and the most important historical witness of Vietnam, Hanoi is always a must-come destination for anyone who wants​ to discover Vietnam. From the ancient walls, the busy Old Quarter, the romantic sceneries,… to the wonderful street foods, Hanoi always has an irresistible attractiveness to any tourists. And so, to really discover the city, it’s gonna be a long but interesting journey.


The ancient beauty of Hanoi

3. Hoi An

Besides Hanoi, Hoi An is also a witness of Vietnam’s history. You can easily meet the old yellow walls that have time’s colors, the ancient architecture, the simple transportation like bicycles or cyclos,…


Hoi An at night

However, the most beautiful time of Hoi An is when the night falls, at that time, all the lanterns in many shapes and colors will be lighten up, and all the quarter will become like a beautiful city in a fairy tale.

4. Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta tour is something can’t be missed in anyone’s journey in Vietnam. Because this place is where you can see, try and enjoy the really new and amazing things of Vietnam.


Mekong Delta with its unique lifestyle

Once coming to this delta, you will have chance to experience the unique lifestyle of locals, a life on the water surface, floating markets and of course floating food shops,…

Nobody can resist the attraction of Mekong Delta in Vietnam, because besides the unique lifestyle, this is also the home of many beautiful islands of Asia. Phu Quoc island and Nam Du island are the 2 outstanding examples for the tourist spots that anyone should come before they’re old.

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