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Viet Nam is a destination for our present millennium. Why Viet Nam?

Viet Nam is a destination for our present millennium. Why Viet Nam?

Viet Nam is recently voted to be the most safe and beautiful country in Asia for travelling and investing. Vietnamese are rich cultured people, with many different history stages that have been going along way  and  created a unique civilization. Come to Vietnam to see their brilliant beautiful country, enjoy their excellent food culture, and figure out how did they cope with aggressive invaders!

Vietnam has its total area of 128,527 square miles (329,566 square km) with more than two thirds of the area are covered with hills and mountains, 22% the land is arable. The coastal line is more than 3,000kms long endowed with many beautiful beaches and bays. From green rice paddies tended by women in conical hats to the lush jungle, everywhere you look it’s green. And from the mountains to the flat river deltas with to the sandy beaches, the landscape is so diverse from the north, center, and the south of Vietnam.

Full country name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Area: 329,566 sq km (128,527 sq mi)

Population: 83 million (Vietnamese government statistics in the year 2005). Still, every year Vietnam got one more million, population growth fast is a problem for Vietnam.

Capital city: Hanoi is the second largest city after Ho Chi Minh city, (population 3,5 millions), center of politic, culture, locate in the north, red river delta. Ha Noi is one of the cities expanding fast, as the the country has been successive economy positive growth 7.7% in average.

Ho Chi Minh city (former name: Sai Gon) is the biggest city of Vietnam.

Photos are not the best souvenirs…

Do not take photos of or film people by themselves or in villages without first obtaining permission.

It is strongly recommended that we refrain from taking photos of children without asking their or their parents’ permission. This will often be refused so do not insist.

Avoid promising to send pictures of people photographed unless we’re sure that we can keep that promise. Instant cameras (like Polaroid) can be useful.

Above all let us take the time to really meet people. Rather than just collect images.

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