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Updated tips and advice – The best travel Vietnam guide ever for you

You’re planning a tour to the beautiful Vietnam, you know where you wanna go, or what you’re gonna do to enjoy this trip,… But have you known what you should notice when being in your travel Vietnam?

Well, don’t worry if your travel Vietnam is coming and you have no idea about what to pay attention in this country! Because I’m here to share you the travel Vietnam advice and travel Vietnam tips for a trip without unexpected problems. Whether you’re a foreign tourists or domestic tourists, you will sometimes not be able to avoid some of unexpected situations.

Therefore, some suggestions for you to write down when making travel Vietnam below will definitely be your saver in some case.

1. Remember to call these numbers in urgent situation in your travel Vietnam

Save the emergency numbers in case of emergency calls. The phone numbers you need are:


You must know who you need to call

Hotline of local government that you can reflect the local situation, hotel where you stay,…

No. 113: Rapid response police

No.114: Firefighters or rescue workers

No.115: Emergency medical services

2. Buy Vietnamese sim, card 

When landing in Vietnam, you should buy a Vietnamese sim and put in your phone account a small sum of money, so that in some necessary cases, you can easily contact to the necessary people. Sim and phone cards are sold in many stores in Vietnam.


Sims, cards are sold everywhere on the street of big cities

And remember to buy a phone sim as soon as you come to Vietnam to contact the necessary people, such as your travel agency, your tour guide,…

3. Carefully check the value of the money

If you don’t remember the exchange rate between USD and VND, then just open Google and search for it. Remember their exact number to try to use the money correctly. On the other hand, the value of Vietnamese money is quite diverse, some money sheets look the same, so the possibility of confusion is very high.


VND20,000 and VND500,000 have the same color

For example, the VND20,000 sheet is a blue equivalent of VND500,000.

The way for you to distinguish these two money sheets is to remember their difference in color, carefully check each money sheet before using it.

4. Always ready to respond to the weather

Vietnam is in a tropical region, with the hot and humid climate all year round. Therefore, when making a travel Vietnam, you need to choose the right kinds of clothes that are suitable with the hot weather, you should prepare appropriate clothing such as T-shirts, skirts, glasses, shorts,…


Remember to bring suitable clothes along!

But, if you make a travel Vietnam to the North in the Winter, you should prepare a thick jacket.

In Vietnam, you often have to suffer from hot weather, so prepare all the necessary things for this hot weather, such as umbrella, raincoat, hat, jacket,…

If you travel in Ho Chi Minh City should always carry a hat along because the weather here is quite sunny, and you may get sick if walking under the sun for so long.

5. Ask the price first

Whenever you get a taxi or a tour guide in Vietnam, it’s very necessary to ask the price that you have to pay before using the service, because if you forget to ask for the price first, the drivers, sellers or tour guides may give you an unreasonable price, and you will have to pay for them because you’ve already use that service.


This is what you must remember in whichever case

6. Be cautious with bad taxis

There is a type of taxi not registered business with the authorities. You will easily find this type of taxi in the airport, the bus station,… The drivers of this kind of taxi will charge more expensive than usual, or drive a roundabout to make you pay more.


Stay away from the bad taxis

So, to solve this problem, you should have the hotel reception help to get a taxi from a trusted taxi brand so that these problems won’t happen. I believe that any reception knows which taxi brands are good and reliable.

7. Be careful to the bad sellers

Many foreign tourists when making a travel Vietnam, especially when coming to Ho Chi Minh City became the victims for the group of bad people, bad sellers who always sell things to tourists with a very expensive price.


Be careful whenever coming to a market

Therefore, to avoid losing money and resentment in your heart, you should stay away from the invitation of the street vendors. Or if you wanna go shopping, go with a Vietnamese friend.

8. Be careful to protect your stuff from robbery or pickpocket

The risk of being pickpocketed or stolen exists in any country. Therefore, visitors should not leave all the important items and values ​​such as phone, wallet, passport,… in the backpack, bag or pants pocket because the bad people can cut your bags and take away these valuable items.


Don’t put valuable stuff in the backpack

9. Extremely calm when crossing the road

The streets of Vietnam, especially in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, are always busy with cars, motorbikes and other means of transport. If you are not careful, you will likely encounter an accident while crossing the road.


Crossing the roads in Vietnam is definitely an art

Many foreigners do not dare cross the street when they see too many vehicles on the road, especially motorcycles. The basic secret to crossing the road is very calm forward, definitely not hesitant and panic.

Note: Problems like pickpockets, snatches, high prices,… can happen anywhere in the world. Hope this article will not adversely affect the image of Vietnam in your heart.

Wish you have a wonderful travel Vietnam with lots of interesting experience, beautiful scenery and great food.


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