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Travel Vietnam by North-South train – Experience tourists need to know

Trains are one of the safest means of transport to make a travel Vietnam cheap.

Besides, a travel Vietnam by train can also bring you wonderful experience that you can’t feel in a quick journey by plane or a tired long journey by car. However, you need to pay attention to some points below when deciding to choose a train as a means of transportation for your travel Vietnam.

1. Buying ticket


You should buy ticket early

Do you know that purchasing a good train ticket is also an art? Well, that’s true. Because when you schedule a travel Vietnam by train, buying tickets early will save your money. Buying tickets early will also help you avoid unexpected bad situations such as not being able to buy tickets or not getting seats like you want.

2. Choosing a comfortable seat

To choose the comfortable seat, the first thing you need to do is to book a seat on the train as soon as possible. It is best to book at least one month in advance. When booking seat beforehand, you will have more choices and will even be able to buy cheap tickets.

Vietnam Railway has been improved quite a lot, even they now have the 5-star trains, but there are still many limitations. The seats at the front and at the end of the train are usually the noisiest locations due to shaking of the train.


A comfortable seat will help your journey fancier

Therefore, experienced travelers will choose the seats in the middle of the train, in order to help them feel easier to sleep, and extremely convenient to go somewhere on the train.

If you have decided to book a bed on the train, please choose the bed in the lower position. Because you can easily control your luggage.

3. Food

Cheap tickets will not include meals on train. With long journeys, you can go to the ship’s kitchen (usually the last part of the train) to buy food. Trains often serve fast food such as porridge, instant noodles, fries,…


The kitchen on the train

You can also buy food at the station stops, however, only buy things in major stations, and remember the time train will continue to run to avoid being left behind (in major stations, the train will stop longer). If you want to eat good food, it is best to bring along your own foods.

4. Luggage

You will have to travel a long way from the entrance to the train area, so pack your luggage carefully. You should carry lightweight luggage to facilitate the move but also easy to keep your luggage while sitting on the train.


Be smart when prepare your luggage!

The most valuable personal items should be kept in a small bag for convenient use when needed, especially for long distance journey.

5. Being ready to pay more for comfort

Any traveler who owns a lot of experience in travel Vietnam by train will always keep in mind this principle. On a train, you have a wide variety of seats. The lowest is a hard chair with no air conditioning, hard chair with air conditioning, and more advanced is soft chairs with air conditioning, soft beds with air conditioning.


The soft bed with air conditioning

If you are only on the boat for a few hours, or a bit more for a day, a hard-chair seat is perfectly suited to you. But if your journey is longer then you should consider a comfortable bad with air conditioning.

6. Be careful with your luggage

Robbery is a situation that can be encountered anywhere, even on a train, especially when you’re sleeping or going to the restroom,…


Be careful with your luggage

So, if you travel alone, bring your valuables when you’re out of your seat, do not trust any newcomers, no matter how cute they are!

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