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Travel to Singapore with a cheap price, why not?

Don’t hurry to think about Singapore as the “most expensive country in the world” and being afraid of making a trip to Singapore! Singaporean calendar can be very easy and affordable if you apply the tips I introduce below.

1. Book a hotel and get a cheap motel

Hotels in Singapore are not cheap and the average price can be over $100 per night. So, if you are planning to travel to Singapore, you should look for hotels outside the center as it will be cheaper. And when booking in advance, by this way, you will be able to receive a lower room rate than getting a room when you just come to the hotel.


A motel in Singapore

In addition, Lion island nation is also a friendly destination for adventurers. So, if you’re an adventurer, you will just need to rent a bed in the dorm room which is less than $20/ night with free breakfast.

2. Use public transports

This is one of the best ways to save money when visiting Singapore, applied by many tourists. Because the country is quite small and the public transport system is very modern. It will bring visitors to the tourist attractions quickly, conveniently and of course with a price much cheaper than the taxi.


Public transport in Singapore

If you intend to stay in Singapore for a long time, you should buy EZ-Link card. This card is used to travel by metro and buses in the city. The cost for an EZ-Link card is much cheaper than paying for a car or train ticket.

3. Refer to the promotional information on the Singapore website


Refer to the promotional information on the Singapore website

The website often offers discounts on restaurants, hotels, and shops across Singapore. They will also offer discount coupon codes as well as promotional times for a variety of stores. Therefore, before traveling to Singapore, visitors should visit website to find air tickets, hotels or coupons,… at a surprisingly low price.

4. Enjoy dishes in the food streets


A street food in Singapore

Culinary streets or Hawker Center food courts will be the first choice if you want to eat delicious but still cheap dishes in this expensive country. Hawker Center is a kind of hawker, where you can find a lot of local foods from the pavement stalls. The famous Hawker Center is Lau Pa Sat and Newton.

5. Visit the free destinations

The cost of visiting the destinations in Singapore is not cheap. However, there are some places that are completely free for tourists:


Marina Bay

Marina Bay: this is a free place for tourists to visit, with Merlion Park (where two of the five Merlion statues – the symbol of Singapore are located), when coming here, you will be able to sightsee, take photos at Esplanade Theater, the Singapore Flyer, the unique Marina Bay Sands.


Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island: All you have to do is pay for the monorail, the rest of the island is free of charge (of course, if you do not go to Universal Studios or watch water music). Here you can visit the largest Merlion statue, as well as swim and shop. Traveling in the island is also very convenient with the cars around the island with high-speed train, and all are free. You can be a master this system with the Sentosa travel map that can be obtained at the hotel reception.


Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay: Restaurant, bar, cafe with unique and colorful architecture.

Raffles Hotel: This 5-star hotel is definitely expensive to stay, but does not cost you a penny if you only visit the lobby, museums inside the hotel and Writer’s Bar.

Little India and Chinatown are two worthwhile places to visit and learn about everyday life.

6. Enjoy the fresh air of the city


A park in Singapore

As one of the greenest and cleanest cities in the world, Singapore has many parks, gardens, beaches,… and they’re all fancy places to enjoy the fresh air of the city. Guests are free to visit, breathe fresh air or watch the surrounding green surroundings. And all are free, no fare on entry.

7. Book a package tour

If you do not want to prepare too much before traveling to Singapore, you can also book a package tour at some reputable travel companies. They will provide you with a perfect tour with the best service and the price will be much cheaper than other kinds of tours.

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