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Travel to Phu Quoc to enjoy these 7 fancy dishes

Phu Quoc always brings interesting experiences to visitors, one of them is the fancy seafood that tourists can’t ignore when coming here.

1. Fried rice with crab

Don’t be surprised when you come to any restaurant on Phu Quoc island and there’s one dish that always appears in their menu, the fried rice with crab. One visitor to after her trip to Phu Quoc commented that anyone who has ever tasted this fried rice of Phu Quoc will feel the essence of the land, the essence of the sea and the simplicity of the people here.


Fried rice with crab

Fried rice is a combination of good white rice, fried chicken eggs, soy sauce with spicy chili sauce,… all are blended together and create a very wild, unique flavor, which can fascinate any diners.

2. Boiled Ham Ninh crab

Ham Ninh crab’s price is from 100,000 to 150,000VND/ kg depending on the size. Ham Ninh crabs are not so big because large crabs are often not good.


Boiled Ham Ninh crab

If you prefer the crab meat, choose the males which are strong and firm, those are good crabs. Coming to Phu Quoc but forget to enjoy the boiled crab, it is considered not complete.

3. Grilled scallop with chilly salt

There are many ways to process this kind scallop of Phu Quoc: fried with mushrooms, onion and green cabbage. However, with diners wanting to enjoy the pristine flavor of the sea, nothing can be better than scallop marinated with chilly salt and then grilled.


Grilled Phu Quoc scallop

The spicy and salty taste of chilly salt will make you feel the sweetness, a bit chewy, a bit crispy of Phu Quoc scallops immediately.

4. Herring salad

This is a popular dish of people on the island and also the dish often called by tourists when coming here. Freshly cut herring will be cleaned, cut into thin pieces, then dropped into fresh lemon juice.


Herring salad in Phu Quoc

Eat some raw fish fillets with lemongrass and roll with onion, sliced purple onion, raw herbs, coconut, chili and roasted peanuts. This dish must be accompanied by Phu Quoc fish sauce which has an excellent flavor.

5. Squid stir-fried with fish sauce

Any restaurant or food stall in Phu Quoc has this dish appearing on their main menu and therefore, customers sometimes no need to look at the menu but still can order this dish.


Squid stir-fried with fish sauce

Squid after marinated will be fried. Frying the garlic, then put onion, chili, spring onion to make the sauce denser, after that putting the fried squid in the sauce and cooking until it’s done. Talking is simple, but only Phu Quoc people can make this delicious dish right.

6. Melaleuca mushroom

Enjoy the melaleuca mushroom soup you will feel the sweetness of mushroom, the fragrance of pepper and it’ll be more delicious when you eat this with a bit fish sauce of Phu Quoc. Dried mushrooms are fried with abalone or Hai Sam. Or melaleuca mushrooms can be cooked with chicken, pork, and eggs.


Melaleuca mushroom soup

For example, when adding some melaleuca mushrooms in the chicken broth, chicken broth will become a wonderful mushroom soup. The mushrooms will be crispy, but the more you chew the more you’ll see the bitter taste of this unique ingredient. Drinking the soup of mushrooms and chicken and you will absolutely feel the bitterness of the mushrooms.

7. Grilled mackerel fish


Grilled mackerel fish

Making a roll of grilled mackerel fish with vegetables, and dipping in the lemon chili pepper sauce, you’ll feel like all the flavors of the sea melted in your mouth. When eating, don’t forget to drink a little bit of traditional wine of the island, and you feel like space as suddenly stopped, the day melted with the small waves.

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