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Travel to Da Lat to hunt clouds in the centenary tea village

Waking up early in the morning, after enjoying warm cups of coffee to warm up our cold hands and souls, we, the young people loving photography, move in the direction heading to Trai Mat. Da Lat in the early morning is so cold that we can somehow see our breath. Our car runs up and down, through the thick layers of fog which rush into the steering wheel. However, the bushes of wild sunflowers, the gardens of roses on the way really make the travelers feel the morning of this plateau less cold a bit.


Cau Dat tea hill from far away

After nearly 30 km, Cau Dat tea area (Xuan Truong commune) is gradually emerging with a green color stretching over the hills continuously. The area is over 1,600m above sea level, so this area is cool and foggy all year-round.

This place is associated with the families that have a long tradition of growing tea, and that made the brand name Cau Dat famous not only in Vietnam but also in some markets around the world. With the fresh natural environment, cool temperature, with year-round mist, Cau Dat tea absorbs the essence of heaven and earth, so the leaves of Cau Dat tea are better than those grown in other regions. Cau Dat tea was brought to Vietnam by the French and exported to some European countries nearly 90 years ago.


Enjoying a warm coffee in the cool atmosphere here is a wonderful experience

The sun rises up, the thick mist is gradually giving way to the white clouds hovering over the hill. Our group of people stopped the car at an empty place and then carried our belongings along, each of us looked for a corner to hunt for the clouds. Just seeing the beautiful clouds in this corner, then within a short while, clouds flown to the higher point by the wind, what a cloud hunting! Looking at the wind, looking for clouds, hunting beautiful moments of nature, wading between the early frosty tea beds, and you’ll find yourself small in the midst of the immense landscape.

As the sun rises, the green tea sprouts appear gradually under the sun. The whole vast tea hill appears like a green tea kingdom in front of everyone’s eyes. Somewhere in the tea hill, there are some “lonely” tea trees rising higher than all the other tea trees in the hill. A vast green area stretches to the horizon.


Cau Dat tea hill in the early morning

Cau Dat is 22km southeast of Da Lat city center. You will have to follow Tran Hung Dao – Hung Vuong street to National Highway 20 and then follow the direction board to Trai Mat, go straight to Xuan Truong village, and ask for the way to tea hills belonging to Cau Dat Tea Joint Stock Company.

If you need to rent a motorbike to travel from Da Lat to Cau Dat tea hill, you can come to the nearby Da Lat market, Bui Thi Xuan street, Phan Boi Chau street,… with about 80,000 VND per day or 100,000 VND.


Hunting clouds in Cau Dat tea hill

Early in the morning in Cau Dat tea hill is quite cold, so, remember to bring warm clothes along, careful with the electronics. After the tour, you return to the main road, there are Quang noodle stalls, vermicelli stalls,… on the way. Xuan Truong people sell for about 20,000 VND a bowl.

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