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Travel Tips In My Tho

Travel Tips  In My Tho

My Tho sprawls along the bank of the northernmost branch of the Mekong River. Its proximity to Saigon has made My Tho the most popular destination for day-trippers who hope to catch a taste of authentic Mekong delta life. Here visitors can take a sampan along the waterways, visit orchards and try the local famous food of Elephant’s Ear Fish.

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What to do?

Boat trips are the highlight of a visit to Mytho. Usually, destinations include a coconut workshop, a honey bee farm and orchard gardens. If time allowed, should not miss Vinh Trang Pagoda, a beautiful and well maintained sanctuary and Dong Tam snake farm, a center for breeding snakes producing venom for exportation.

Vinh Trang Pagoda: built in 1849 and seriously damaged by French colonists in 1861 and a severe storm in 1904. On both occasions, practitioners restored the pagoda to its original splendor. According to locals, a monk named Minh Dan and an architect named Huynh Tri Phu traveled to Angkor Wat, Cambodia prior to building the pagoda for inspiration and eventually combined Khmer architecture with European styles for the pagoda.

The pagoda is surrounded by gardens of ornamental trees, ancient trees and bonsai, creating a peaceful atmosphere and recognized as a national historical and cultural relic by the government.

Dong Tam Snake-Breeding Farm: 12km from Mytho City, is medicinal plant cultivation and the study and treatment of snake-bite. There is a snake-breeding zone with dozens of species to feed or even to play with. There are also crocodiles and other species of birds and animals on hand.

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When to go?

Trips to Mekong Delta are suitable all year round but the best time is the monsoon from June to September.

Travel Tips:

Bring along camera, hat, sunscreen and insect repellant.

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