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Travel in Vietnam – Leave only footprints…

Travel in Vietnam – Leave only footprints…

It is best to purchase our equipment with biodegradable packaging (for e.g. previsions) and to leave the packaging at home.

We should not leave our waste behind us: butts, sweet wrapping or shopping packages, plastic bags, camera film boxes … They could be eaten by animals and cause an unhealthy environment.

It is important to ensure that the campsite is left undamaged: to assist and inform local teams so that waste management is as appropriate as possible. In certain regions, tins are left or given to locals who recycle them as Jewell or useful objects. Ask before you act.

It is best to take the most polluting waste back home:  non-biodegradable waste: most Third World Countries have no industrial waste disposal infrastructure.

Burn toilet paper after use (unless there is a fire risk). Use the toilets that are sometimes provided in encampment. Let us refrain from polluting the water with our excreta (be at least 50 meters away from streams, rivers, or waterways) or detergents. Do washing down stream of inhabited areas or, better still, get a basin and take a walk for your wash.

Nature is a thing of wonder, let’s respect nature…

It is advisable to use designated paths, trails and tracks. In certain fragile ecosystems taking shortcuts and straying off the beaten track leads to the destruction of vegetation or soil erosion.

We should not collect souvenirs: animals, plants, minerals, fossils, flint,  … Let

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