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Travel in Hanoi, don’t forget to visit Me Tri village

Referring to the Autumn grilled rice snack, everyone may immediately mention about Vong village. But little know that Hanoi also has another village which is also famous for this traditional snack. It is Me Tri village (Tu Liem district, Hanoi).

Coming to Me Tri in the early morning, right at the time approaching the entrance of the village, you will feel the fragrance of the grilled rice snack spreading all over the air of the village.

The grilled rice snack is often made from many different types of rice, but the most delicious is still the Nep Cai Hoa Vang of both Summer crop and Winter crop. Usually, people will choose the rice (from the lunar July to the end of the lunar September) to make the grilled rice snack.


The beautiful appearance of Com of Me Tri village

Even though the grilled rice snack is a traditional dish but also very luxurious, delicious and pure. Speaking of Autumn, many people will immediately think of this traditional snack. The aroma of Com mixed in the fresh, cool weather of Autumn days have made many people fall enamored, such a flavor unforgettable for anyone who once trying.

To get a good batch of Com, the craftsman must be really skilled and delicate. Because the process of making Com begins by harvesting or buying young rice, picking it up and then spitting it out by machine. After that, the grain of young rice will be put into the tank to sift to get the firm grains, then take out to drain, set fire to the wood stove into roasting pan, for the crispy crust and then pour the niacin to cool.


Making Com is really an art

Stoves for roasting Com usually have coal ash but do not burn by coal but by wood. Pan used to roast Com is usually cast iron, so each grain of Com when being roasted won’t be burned, but still soft and fragrant.

According to the experience of the people here, Com must be roasted in the small fire, stirred continuously. When roasting is finished, Com will be cooled off then put into the mortar to grind.

Com is good or not is up to the hands of the craftsman. It depends on the young of rice when harvesting, the pounder will estimate, the average of seven pounders is completed. To get a batch of 40-50kg, it takes all day, about 7-8 hours.


A good Com needs a lot of skills

The finished Com will be wrapped in two layers of lotus leaves and tied with golden straw.

The aroma of Com is gently fragrant. When you take a handful of Com and slowly put it into the mouth. The awesome flavor of the newly made Com will touch the tip of the tongue, fragrant and sweet.

Despite being compared with the famous Com of Vong village, Com of Me Tri village still has its own position in people’s heart. Com of Me Tri village is made of rice of Summer crop, so, it is thin but flexible and very fragrant. This difference makes the distinct characteristic of Com of Me Tri village.


A Com seller on Hanoi street

Nowadays, Com is no more just a snack, it is more and more popular and is used to make the luxury dishes, creating new flavors for the normal dishes such as fried dishes, or sweet Com soup,…

Surely anyone who has ever enjoyed the delicious taste of Me Tri village in the fall days will not able to forget the fragrance and sweet taste of Com. And I believe that, with the efforts of the people of Me Tri, the village of Com will be increasingly well-known, become the indispensable taste of Hanoi.

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