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Top 3 delicious dishes tourists must try when coming to Nha Trang

Be likened a “paradise” that the Creator offers to the S-shape country, Nha Trang welcomes a lot of visitors each year not only thanks to its gorgeous beauty of the beach, its fine white sand, the friendly local people, and the delicious dishes.

Many people still think that Nha Trang is just famous for sour roll meat, fish noodle, grilled meat roll,… but if you think so, you have missed the opportunity to experience the taste of many other delicious dishes of this Central land. Here are the top 3 delicious dishes in Nha Trang that anyone has to fall in love at the first time enjoying:

1. Chicken on the tray

Chicken on a tray, a rustic dish, but delicious enough to wake up all the senses of the guests. The most important factor to make the chicken on the tray is the choice of chicken, in terms of strength, tough and sweet meat, the chosen chickens must be the number 1 in quality.

A portion of chicken on a tray will be enough for 3 – 4 guests, consists of the best parts of the chicken like heart, purse,… stir-fried with onion and some spices such as fish sauce, salt,… Each piece of chickens will be carefully marinated in a mix of pepper, garlic, chili,… and fried for the skin outside turn yellow, but the meat inside is still white, delicious and soft.


The stunning layout of the chicken on the tray

The chicken after being cooked will be served with white sticky rice which is cooked from the soaked rice and chicken broth, everything will be displayed on the tray when it is still hot.

Therefore, this dish will make you not only being able to enjoy the sweetness of the chicken broth but also feel the sweet and sour taste of salad mixed with tasty chicken and herbs.

2. Fried salted pork leg

Pork legs have long been a favorite dish in the party. However, because the leg has a lot of fat, it’s easy to make the diners feel full. So, people in Nha Trang have transformed this dish into a dish that no one can stop eating.

Many people said that what impressed them most with the fried salted pork leg is that each piece is fried so perfectly that you can be attracted by the stunning golden cover of it at the first time seeing, and not only the crispy, stunning cover, the meat inside is also very soft, juicy, not dry at all.


The way to make fried salted pork leg is very complicated

To make the pork leg good, the leg must be removed from bone, marinated with salt in about 1 hour. After that, it’ll be boiled, the legs will be drained and then put into boiling oil pan to fry to ensure the outer skin of the legs will have a brittle as well as yellow eyes.

Each piece of sliced thin slices served with sour salad (turnips, carrots, pickles,…) and with a bit white sticky rice, all the flavors will make a tempting appeal that no one can resist.

3. Grilled pork ribs

The pork ribs are often eaten when it is cold because of its spicy and fatty tasty, with a unique fragrance.


The grilled pork ribs of Nha Trang

The ribs are mainly used in this barbecue grilled ribs, which are ribs that when baked on fire are not too dry, still delicious, soft and juicy. The most important step in processing this dish is to combine the spice.

This is a North-based dish so that the accompanying spices also have to ensure to originating from the “North of Vietnam” such as galangal, shrimp paste, turmeric,… The ribs after being marinated will be placed in the oven and baked for about 15 minutes. While grilling the ribs, you’ll be able to smell all the wonderful scents in it, which can make you mouth-watering immediately.


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