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Tips to spend less money on eating when traveling abroad

Choosing a good place to have a cheap but still tasty meal is no more an issue when traveling abroad. You can equip yourself with a few tips below so that you will be able to save money while enjoying delicious dishes of another country.

1. Buffet

Many people often think that buffet is very expensive and therefore not a good choice for a trip. However, you may have been wrong. In many countries like Thailand, Singapore,… there are many food stores with great food and an acceptable price. Actually eating a buffet helps you have a good meal after a long day walking and sightseeing.


Buffet will give you a full meal

Having a buffet will help you have a good meal after a long day out and no longer intend to eat more.

2. Street foods


The pavement crowded with food stalls

In most parts of the world and especially in Asia, the streets are often filled with small food stalls with loads of delicious food. These dishes usually cost less than a dollar and therefore this is a great way for you to truly experience local flavors while filling up your stomach.

3. Fast food in supermarkets

This is not the best, but a good option if you want a cheap meal when traveling in expensive places like Singapore or Japan. For a meal, you can visit the supermarket and choose the food you need if you are unfamiliar with the local market.


Supermarket has a great diversity of foods for you to choose

However, remember to carefully check if the expired date of that food in order to make sure you won’t get a stomachache after eating it.

4. Enjoy local cuisine


Local dishes are often very tasty

We live in a globalized world, so you can eat almost anything you want in the same country. However, you should not ignore the local food, because these dishes are always delicious and cheaper than anything.

5. Rather than choosing a fizzy drink, drink mineral water


Fizzy drink is often unhealthy

When taking a visit, a walk, or a sightseeing, you’ll need to drink water. At that time, mineral water is a great choice, both good for health and cheap. Not to mention some countries have public water pumping facilities, where you can fill up your water bottle without spending any money.

6. Prepare dishes for beforehand for a picnic

If you are visiting a picnic destination or visiting an entertainment center with friends and family, you should visit the nearby market to buy some essential food and prepare some snacks for the group.


Preparing foods for a picnic will have you save a lot of money

This will not only save a significant amount of money because food in the amusement park is usually quite expensive but also helps you feel good with the familiar taste.

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