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Tips for a trip to Japan

Here are some useful tips for a Japan tours.

1. Prepare cash

Cash is commonly used in Japan. Workers are usually paid in cash. Many businesses, services, restaurants, shops only accept cash. Therefore, you should prepare cash for transaction. You can also withdraw money at ATM plants.


Cash is necessary in Japan

2. Buy a train ticket

The Japan Rail Pass helps you save a lot of money, especially when you are going around a certain area or Japan. You can buy unlimited cards to get Shinkansen and other public transport such as train, bus, and ferry. This card needs to be purchased before traveling to Japan, and you will have to confirm at the Japan Rail office by passport.

3. The subway does not work 24 hours a day

If you go out night, you should check before the train, and before 1h. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of money to take a taxi. Be prepared to print your name and address for the time needed.


Subway is the main mean of transportation in Japan

4. You will meet the drunk on the train

Due to the tense working culture in Japan, many civil servants often drink after hours. So do not be surprised if you encounter drunken men in serious suits.

5. Tattoos are considered taboo

Tattoos are often associated with criminal gangs in Japan, especially the Yakuza gang. This is especially important when you take onsen baths, as they will probably ask you for no tattoos before letting you in.


Removing shoes before entering somewhere is a must

6. Do not remove shoes that are considered rude in some places

Entering a Japanese house without removing your shoes, you will be treated as a disrespectful owner. Some restaurants also have this rule. So, you should observe before entering the place​.

7. No need to tip

This is not customary in this country. If you leave a tip, the waiter will probably run to give you back.

8. No need to call a waiter

In many restaurants, tables have a small black box with buttons to call the waiter.


In a restaurant in Japan

9. The dense underground shopping center system

Just like Korea, Japan takes advantage of underground space to build large shopping stores and a lot of restaurants.

10. Should speak small in public

The volume and content of a conversation is extremely important in Japan. Everyone here is always aware that you are sharing the public space with others, so keep the volume as small as possible.


Underground shopping centers in Japan

11. Pointing is rude action

Pointing at people or things, greeting strangers, drinking in public, taking pictures of other people without permission is a rude behavior in Japan. High tone or rage is also considered very rude. The Japanese are afraid to offend others, so sometimes they say “yes”, although they say “no”. You should analyze the situation carefully.

12. Some people wear masks

Those who feel unwell and do not want to infect others. Some people wear masks to avoid pollen allergies.

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