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Thung Nai – Ideal destination for summer vacation

Being like “Ha Long Bay” on Da River, Thung Nai is the ideal summer destination for those who want to find fresh nature.

A few years ago, Thung Nai is a name mentioned in many of the conversations of people who travel around Vietnam. Located about 110km from Hanoi, Thung Nai belongs to the Da river reservoir, in Cao Phong district (Hoa Binh) attracted by the pristine, lyrical nature.

For people in Hanoi, Thung Nai is easily accessible by motorbike because not too far. Going on a motorbike is always more fun because you can both save money and stop at anywhere, at any time to enjoy the scenery and pictures of the Northwest mountains and forests.


Thung Nai’s romantic scenery

According to local people, Thung Nai is the name of the word “valley” and “deer”. Previously, Thung Nai was a large valley surrounded by dense jungle. There are animals such as tigers, leopards, and of course mostly deer… On days, deer grazed grass, going and running around. This romantic scenery has made this place called with a wild name until now: Thung Nai.

The first impression about Thung Nai is the fairy peace, both wild, romantic and lyrical. The landscape is immersed in the blue of the river, majestic mountains and clear blue sky. Except for the rainy days, the lake surface is covered with a red alluvial color, the remaining Thung Nai is like the nature enveloped in the light pearl illusion. Nature here is really gorgeous, with thousands of clouds, high mountains, blue clear water,…


The landscapes in Thung Nai

Since the construction of the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant, the Da River has flooded the valleys that transformed Thung Nai into huge reservoirs. At the same time, the water rises up the middle of the mountain, inadvertently creating beautiful small islands undulating on the waves, making people think of a “Ha Long Bay” on the river.

The cool climate all year long makes Thung Nai an ideal playground and picnic spot, especially in the hot summer days. Thung Nai in every season is beautiful and romantic. The most beautiful is on the full moon day. You can watch the moonlight gently shine down to the lake at night, or immerse yourself in the nature of the poetic river.


It will be a big waste if come this province and ignore Thung Nai

The most enjoyable experience in Thung Nai is boat trips around the river, you will see every moment, every corner is as picturesque as the picture. Boat ride on the blue water in the mountains, watching the clouds, enjoying the cool wind. Besides, you will easily recognize the three largest islands in Thung Nai, Coconut Island, Windmill Island, Green Island. At the same time is enjoying the full feeling of gentle, relaxed amidst natural scenery, quietness filled with blue.

If you want a funny​ place or a comfortable resort, Thung Nai is not the best choice. But to feel the amusement park, this place is also not ideal too. Staying at local houses at least onenight to know how rural life here is. In the day, you will chase chickens, catch river fish, pick wild vegetables, back row boat to the lake watching the moon or fire camp, grill fish, sip a few cups of wine and then chatting, singing songs,…

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