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Three major public means of transport to move in Singapore

One of the best ways to travel around a city is by public transports, and so does a trip around Singapore. So, in this article, we will talk a little bit about the main public transports in Singapore, ok!


The modern Singapore

There are three main options of public transports for you to choose from in Singapore: MRT, taxi and bus. You can also combine these three vehicles sometimes.

1. The subway

MRT is the fastest and most convenient way to travel in Singapore, not to mention the extensive network of stations, which means that most of Singapore’s main attractions are within walking distance of the station MRT.


The subway is no more a strange transport to people in Singapore

You can buy retail tickets for each trip, but economically and most convenient is to buy EZ-Link, a card that you can recharge according to your needs. The card can be used for bus too. This card also has unlimited usage for a day (SGD 10), 2 days (16 SGD) or 3 days (20 SGD). You can buy tickets at the TransitLink Ticket Office ticket office or at any MRT station.

Wheelchair and blind​ people, as well as families with baby pushers, can easily and conveniently use the subway in Singapore.

2. Bus

Singapore’s bus system has a wide network of routes to most locations and is the most economical way to get around, as well as a chance to enjoy many sights here.


Bus in Singapore is all high-quality

You can pay for the bus ticket using the prepaid EZ-Link card, which is the MRT card. Just touch this card on the card reader next to the driver when you board the car and remember to touch the card again on the card reader near the door when you get off. If you forget to touch the car, you will be charged the maximum price for that trip. You can also pay cash, but it must be an exact amount.

Most buses in Singapore are air-conditioned and the bus’s facilities are quite comfortable.

3. Taxi

Taxi will be comfortable and especially convenient if you want to go to places where bus or MRT can not reach. Taxis charge money according to the meter but you may sometimes be surcharged because of the time (such as late evening), location and taxi company. To estimate the amount that you have to pay, ask the driver for the surcharge and ask for a bill at the end of the trip.


Taxi in Singapore

You can wobble the taxi when standing by the road in most locations or by lining up in the taxi waiting areas available at most of the shopping centers, hotels and tourist attractions. If you want to call a taxi, you can call the general taxi number.


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