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Things to do when the Winter of Hanoi comes

If you just come to Hanoi in a tour and stay for about a couple of days, there will be something that you can’t understand about this romantic city.

Why do I say so?

Because I used to work and stay in Hanoi for about a year. And therefore, Hanoi has appeared more than just a tourist destination to me, it’s a place that made me feel familiar and warm, especially in the early days of Winter.

1. Sip a hot cup of coffee

Coffee is a beverage that is drinkable in every season, and as long as it’s a good cup of coffee, there’s no one can resist. Even so, perhaps the best time to enjoy coffee is in the cold days when the temperature is just enough to make you feel cool, or a bit cold, sometimes shivering when the wind blows through.


A hot cup of egg coffee in Hanoi

At that time, taking a sip of warm, aromatic coffee, feeling the coffee going through the tip of the tongue, then through the throat, feeling the sweet mixed in the bitter taste of this special drink. That feeling is something that you can’t feel at any time but only in the cold days with the cool breezes of the North.

2. Watch the street in the early morning

In Hanoi, whenever people find a play to relaxing or getting some peace, they often go to coffee shops, which means that coffee shops on the sidewalks or the stalls having balconies to see the streets, the people currents passing on the street. Especially on cold days, everyone seems to only want to sleep a little more, so, the streets are quieter than usual days.


On a café with balcony in Hanoi

The famous streets of which sidewalks are often crowded with guests are Nguyen Huu Huan, Trieu Viet Vuong, Nguyen Du,… In particular, coffee shop along Thien Quang lake in Nguyen Du street is the most suitable on the cold days watching people passing on the street and sipping a cup of coffee.

3. Wander around West Lake with your beloved

There is always a place where the temperature is always the coldest in Hanoi, but it is always warmed up by couples, that’s West Lake. Since all the streets around the lake is built and perfect for people to wander around, this space becomes more crowded than before, but that can’t change the romance that this place offers.


The romantic scenery of West Lake

On the first cold days of the Winter, sitting behind the motorbike of your beloved, riding around the lake, and you’ll feel the simple happiness of love.

4. Eat snacks after work


A hot bowl of boiled snails is the most favorite food of people here

With the working people in Hanoi, who have a tight time budget, then eating snacks after work becomes a habit of many girls. On cold days with cool breezes blowing, eating a bowl of boiled snails which is a bit spicy, a bit warm, a bit fragrant,… is already more than enough to satisfy the cold stomachs every day.

5. Gather with friends to eat barbecue or hot pot

Hotpot and BBQ are the specialties in the cold season of Hanoi. Although these dishes are also sold in the summer, you can only feel the awesome taste of these dishes when the weather turns cold. At that time, these dishes will be really attractive, difficult to resist for anyone who just smells its fragrance.


A hot pot is a great choice for cold days

At weekend, the best time to gather together with friends, you can all go to a stall selling hot pot or BBQ to both enjoy the hot smoke from the dishes and the warmth of friendship.

6. Wander around on foot


The ancient quarters are so romantic

The coldest days of Autumn are the perfect time to wander around the streets. If you have a little artist soul, invite your close friends, carry a camera, or simply your smartphone along with you in your wandering around the streets in Hanoi. I bet you’ll have the best photo album on Facebook or Instagram, and also wonderful feelings and memories.

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