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Things that make tourists love Vietnam

Despite the differences in lifestyle and culture, the travel Vietnam still has its own attraction to foreign visitors, thanks to its natural scenery, great Vietnam foods and interesting stories about tradition.

Here are some reasons why even though there are a lot of tourist destinations around the world, Vietnam is still one of the most chosen destinations of tourists.

1. A safe destination

When planning a vacation, the first thing tourists think about is always to choose a safe destination. Therefore, with a high safety of society, the lovely Vietnam in the eyes of foreign tourists is a very safe destination for traveling, even it’s a travel Vietnam alone.


Vietnam is a safe destination for tourists

Business Insider has evaluated Vietnam as the safest, most friendly destination in Southeast Asia in the list of 30 ideal destinations. Ho Chi Minh City is also ranked by one of the most trusted British magazine, The Economist, 48th in the list of the 50 most secure cities to travel.

This is not the first time Vietnam is honored by foreign websites or newspapers. Business Insider used to rank Vietnam in No. 45 in terms of safety and No. 2 in terms of happiness. DeMorgen (Belgium) also praised this S-shaped land as a great destination for female visitors.

2. Many beautiful natural landscapes

Stretching from the North to the South, Vietnam owns many scenic spots that make visitors astound. In the list of the most attractive destinations on the planet, Vietnam is also honored many times.


Halong Bay, an Irresistible destination of Vietnam

It is Hanoi – the capital of peace, Halong Bay – one of the world’s natural heritages of mankind, the world’s largest natural cave Son Doong, or terraced fields in the Northwest highland which can steal anyone’s heart at first sight, or the most beautiful beaches of the planet stretching from the North to the South with countless landscapes and other historical sites.

3. The thickness of history

Vietnam has a great source of culture and history stretching over 4,000 years. This is most evident in the treasures of folklore such as legends, traditional festivals of each region, cuisine or French-style architecture still visible in French works, monuments, tombs and historical sites.


A historical monument of Vietnam

Today, visitors to Vietnam won’t only have chance to visit, relax but also explore the history of this country.

4. Vietnam foods and drinks

Vietnamese cuisine is quite popular and appreciated by foreigners. On the map of world cuisine, Vietnam has added some delicious dishes such as pho, bread, bun cha, fried meat rolls,… that when mentioned everyone knows.


A streetfood of Vietnam

Besides, street food, pavement cafes with countless delicacies are one of the things that make visitors enjoy exploring the daily life in Vietnam. Vietnam foods are not as spicy as Thai foods, not like European foods, not as greasy as Chinese foods,… but frugal, light, and very healthy. Guests can eat pho all day without getting bored, besides beef pho, the most famous one, there are many variations from noodles such as stir fried pho, fried pho, chicken pho,…

5. Coffee

Coffee is not a drink originated from Vietnam but you can’t visit Vietnam without trying the famous coffee – egg coffee. Vietnamese often drink coffee with a little condensed milk.


Egg coffee of Vietnam

Egg coffee, one of must-try drinks when coming to Vietnam, is praised by many foreign newspapers for its unique, nutritious and deliciousness.

6. Fresh ingredients

One of the special things in Vietnam that attracts curious visitors is the stalls selling fresh ingredients in the market, not supermarkets filled with frozen food.


A market with fresh ingredients in Vietnam

Walking around the markets in Vietnam, foreign visitors can see the fish swimming in the pot, shrimp jumping, fresh pieces of meat, fresh vegetables, tropical fruits are also filled in the market.

7. Cheap tours


A tour to Mekong Delta of Vietnam will both give you unforgettable experience and a cheap tour

Travel Vietnam is not as expensive as Tokyo, Japan but there are countless interesting things are waiting for visitors to explore. Many foreign newspapers have ranked Vietnam on the list of the cheapest and most comfortable tourist destinations compared to other countries.

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