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Things can ruin your trip (part 2)

We paused in the PREVIOUS article with 4 things tourists must pay careful attention when planning or making a trip, right!

Here​ we continue with the other things that travelers should pay attention when coming to a new place or a new country!

5. Bad weather

Knowing where you are going next, including weather forecasts, is an important part of every trip. It will help you avoid unexpected problems. You should also prepare in advance some items needed when bad weather such as umbrella, raincoat, shoes, backpack waterproof …

Things-can-ruin-your-trip-(part 2)1

A good preparation for bad weather will help you a lot

6. Loss of credit / debit card

Not bringing along a lot of cash when traveling is always a wise option, as you will not have to worry about robberies, scams,… Debit cards or international credit cards are always a good choice because of their usability and safety, and you are in control of your spending.

Things-can-ruin-your-trip-(part 2)2

Make sure you know exactly what to do when loosing credit card in a new place

However, payment through card also implies many risks when the user is not careful, especially for transactions over the network. Do not let others borrow your card and be careful when paying by card. Immediately inform the bank if there is any trouble arising from the card and account.

Always carry a small amount of cash to pay for small fees or pay in places don’t accept cards.

7. Bad tours

Unfortunately, there are not many methods of solving if you fall for a bad tour, with tour guides​don’t speak your language or English well, or destinations not like what you expect.

Things-can-ruin-your-trip-(part 2)3

A bad tour is no more something you have to suffer

The best way to do this is to thoroughly check with your travel agent, review destinations, learn about them on the Internet, and ask for a good tour guide.

8. Equipment failure

Carefully prepare items before departure. Do not bring so many things that you think it will break unless you want to tidy up the mess of that things in your luggage.

Things-can-ruin-your-trip-(part 2)4

Smartly choose things that are really necessary to you

Pack luggage and items carefully, especially fragile items; Carry spare parts such as charger cable, spare battery,… to replace as needed.

9. Risks when packing luggage

Many people have this problem. The case is often seen is finding​ forgotten passport, forgetting​ the camera,…

Things-can-ruin-your-trip-(part 2)5

Carefully prepare your luggage

The preparation process before each trip usually takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, you need to carefully prepare all the necessary items to avoid forgetting. You should write down what you need to bring, and prepare the list.

Well, those are things that you should always keep in mind before and even while making a tour to another country so that your tour won’t be ruined by something that you can totally handle.


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