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Things can ruin your trip (part 1)

Any trip can contain some risks or dangers, so in order to really enjoy your trip, please pay attention to these things below.

1. Robbery

For any visitor, loosing money is always the most frightening thing to be when arriving at a new land. Stealing, robbery can always happen anywhere. So, be prepared with​ the necessary information about your destination and always be on alert on the trip, especially when visiting crowded places.

Do not give the robbers the chance to know what the valuable things you have. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and accessories, but leave them at home or at the hotel.

Things-can-ruin-your-trip-(part 1)1

Be careful with your money

Do not carry a lot of cash in person, instead of that, you should divide the money into many parts and place in many places such as bags, suitcases, backpacks, clothes …

There should be a copy of all personal identification such as a passport, identification card, driver’s license, and storage in suitcases, bags, or up to online storage tools such as Drive.

2. Sickness

Tiredness is never desirable, especially when traveling. Weather changes, time zone’s differences, food and sanitation conditions at each destination can affect your health.

Things-can-ruin-your-trip-(part 1)2

Don’t ignore your health

You should do a comprehensive physical examination before traveling to determine your state of health and choose a trip that suits your condition; Prepare some common medications such as diarrhea, headache, runny nose … to be used when necessary.

3. Scams

When you come to a land with many new things, you can easily become the target of the scammers with sophisticated tricks. Therefore, always be vigilant to keep yourself safe so that your trip won’t be a bad memory to remind.

Things-can-ruin-your-trip-(part 1)3

Be careful with the new people

Do not pick up strangers, be wary of people who are too enthusiastic with you. When in trouble, you can ask local people or police for help.

4. Trouble related to visa

Each country has different visa regulations. You should know the visa policy in your country before each trip to avoid trouble.

Things-can-ruin-your-trip-(part 1)4

Loosing visa can come along with many troubles

Currently, several countries and territories have signed with Vietnam a visa exemption agreement for citizens of two countries within 30 days, such as nine countries in ASEAN, Panama, India …

So, those are 4 first things that you should pay attention​ before going in a trip to a new place, to find out the other things, let’s move to the NEXT part of this article!


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