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The unique cuisine of Soc Trang

The province’s original Khmer name was Srok Kh’leang, meaning “silver depository” because it was where the Khmer king’s silver treasury was located. The Vietnamese settlers corrupted it into “Sốc-Kha-Lang” and eventually “Sóc Trăng”. Under the Nguyễn Dynasty emperor Minh Mạng, it was given the Sino-Vietnamese name Nguyệt Giang or Moon River.

Soc Trang is truly a land full of surprise, a land that can make your tour to Vietnam one of the most memorable things in your life, right! Besides the magnificent, unique buildings, the special dishes, Soc Trang is also a great place for food​ lovers, with a lot of great kind of unique and of course tasty cakes.

1. Tube cake

Tube cake is made of rice flour, mixed with pineapple leaves, sugar, and coconut milk. The cake is baked in bamboo tube or aluminum tube, so people call it tube cake.

The-unique-cuisine-of-Soc-Trang-(part 2)1

Tube cake

The best time to eat the cake is when it is still hot. The cake has emerald green comes from the pineapple leaves, and is sweet and fat like sugar and coconut milk. You can add in some sesame to make flavor even more wonderful. The cake, thanks to the rice flour, is soft and easy to eat, combines with some amazing flavors from so many ingredients will make you never forget.

2. Pía cake

A creation of Trieu Chau people, the cake is a symphony of many similar ingredients that can be found anywhere​

Pia is a word in Trieu Chau’s language, which means cake. Gradually throughout time, others consider the name as round-shaped and flat cake that is incredibly good. The cake has the crust made from flour and sugar, while the choices for the inside are endless. From durian, taro, pea, and with the amazing salty duck egg yolks, and all kind of jams.

The-unique-cuisine-of-Soc-Trang-(part 2)2

Pia cake

Combined gracefully from many ingredients, the Pia cake of Soc Trang brings to the diners many wonderful feelings: the soft of the crust, the salty and a bit fat of the yolks. You can eat so many cakes without stop eating. Many come to Soc Trang just to have the taste of this cake.

3. Cóng or cống cake

Cong is a special type of cake of the Khmer people in Soc Trang. Cóng or cống or say or sai is what people call this cake. The crust is made of rice flour, soybean and eggs while the inside is made of pork with some spices, minced red onions, and some steamed smashed pea. Each cake has a yellow color combines with the red from the shrimps makes the cake so beautiful.

The-unique-cuisine-of-Soc-Trang-(part 2)3

Cong cake

The cake is eaten with some herbs such as mint, cinnamon, lettuce, broccoli and the one and only fish sauce with some slices of ginger pickles, and chili. The deep fried hot cake is taken out of the pan, sliced into many smaller, bit-size pieces, wrapped with lettuce, salad, and herbs, dipped in the fish sauce and into your mouth will create a amazing experience that you will want more. The fat of the pork, the sweet of the shrimp, the sour of the sauce, all combine to create this wonderful dish.

4. Vietnamese sausage

And a dish that made Soc Trang popular land is the sausage of Soc Trang which is loved by many people. Making sausage is a tradition of the Chineses people in Soc Trang. There are many kinds of sausages like the fresh sausage, lean sausage or even shrimp sausage.

The-unique-cuisine-of-Soc-Trang-(part 2)4

Vietnamese sausage

Sausage, in Mandarin is “Lap Xeng.” Although there are many types of sausages, the main ingredient is the fresh sausage, which has the portion of 50-50 for the lean and fat. After chopped and grinded, mixed with some spices, all of the ingredients are poured into pork small intestines, tied on two ends, and dried for 3 days.

With the special recipe, and many flavors, the Soc Trang sausage is different from others places sausage. The Soc Trang sausage is well known not only to the domestic market, but also abroad.

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