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The tourist paradises near Vietnam that you shouldn’t miss (part 2)

Let’s continue our list of wonderful destinations near Vietnam that you can try coming and experiencing on your upcoming trip that we paused with the first 4 names in the PREVIOUS part!

4. Bagan (Myanmar)

You look for the keyword “Myanmar tour”, I’m sure that one-third of the images on your Google Image will be the image of the balloons flying in the early sunshine, fluttering floating through the temple of Bagan region. Between the 11th century and the end of the 13th century, there were more than 4,000 temples, these temples were built there. So far, only 2200 traces of these works remain. This makes Bagan special, bringing the ancients to even the atmosphere and the breeze of the place.


A beautiful dawn in Bagan

Bagan is most beautiful at dawn, so people often go to Bagan to try to sit in a hot-air balloon, flying on the top of the tower early in the morning, just to see an ancient, wild and quiet Bagan. The golden sunshine, splendid as the scene cut from a movie, the charming ancient scene like you is sitting on the time machine and traveling to the past.

5. Luang Prabang (Laos)

Coming to Laos, besides visiting Vientiane, make sure you have planned to visit Luang Prabang. This city is truly a jewel for those who seek for peace. This is a beautiful heritage city with pagodas, lurid streets glistening in the sunshine, peacefulness permeates each breath, each drop of sun.


The gorgeous beauty of Luang Prabang

And even this place is also favored with beautiful, miraculous waterfalls. You will also want to throw away your daily burdens to hide in this place, from now until many years later.

6. El Nido (Philippines)

The Philippines is always a paradise for the sea-holics, with beautiful islands surrounded by sea water clean and blue as pearls. El Nido is such a jewel, a pearl that will make you fully understand the meaning of the word: nature gift.


El Nido looks like a pearl between the vast sea

Located at the tip of Palawan island, about 420km from Manila, El Nido is as deserted and charming as a ruddy jewel waiting for being discovered. In El Nido, you can take a bath, dive and go down to the smaller islands or less known beaches. When getting bored, you can lie on the white sand, listen to music and just relax all day long.

7. Cameron Highlands (Malaysia)

Contrary to what one might imagine about a bustling Malaysia, Cameron Highlands is a completely different image of Malaysia, a peaceful, natural and spectacular image which is totally different from the busy atmosphere of the central city.


The charm of Cameron Highlands

Cameron is the largest resort in Malaysia, which owns vast tea plantations, strawberries, smooth grass hills. Cameron Plateau has a cool climate, with early frosts healing in the early morning and midday sunshine. When coming here, you won’t only be able to get rid of the fatigue of busy daily life, enjoy the fresh air of a highland, but also admire the romantic hills soaked in smoke and fog,… like a painting with many shades.

8. Boracay (Philippines)

As a beautiful island of Philippines, Boracay has long become one of the country’s tourist symbols, with white sand and turquoise waters.


Boracay, the symbol of Philippines’ tourism

Boracay has all the elements to be considered as a paradise: The serene landscape of an island, the poetic sea which is both wild and captivating, good service with a full selection of tourists. In Boracay, you can have a good time, while swimming in the ocean, while jumping from a cliff to clear water, and do not forget to dive by swimming between the fish and watching the coral reefs through crystal water. Coming to Boracay is really a great experience for any tourist.

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