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The secret to have a cheap food tour when traveling to Singapore

Singapore is always one of the best tourist cities in Southeast Asia and even in the whole Asia. However, the price that tourists have to pay for the services here, from eating to playing, is quite high, therefore, it sometimes takes a long while for everyone to save the money for a trip to Singapore. However, these ways below will definitely help you solve this problem.


The gorgeous of Singapore

In addition to the architectural heritage which is protected and preserved with magnificent monuments and magnificent buildings, shopping malls, charming green and clean living,… The diversified cuisine of Singapore also attracts many tourists thanks to a variety of menus from East to West, convenient and attentive service.

Thanks to these culinary centers, I can assure you that you can eat three delectable meals each day with only about S $10 (S $) – equivalent to 165,000VND in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

1. Three meals at a cheap price

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start your day with a full-calorie Singapore style breakfast, consisting of a piece of kaya cake made from coconut) and a cup of coffee (mixed with condensed milk, like Vietnamese coffee).

This quality breakfast is around $2.5 and is available at most dining outlets or around $3 at Killiney Kopitiam brand cafes that are familiar to indigenous peoples.


A set of rice in “Economic rice” stall

If you prefer a light snack, just a glass or a cup of tea and a small cake for S $0.5 – S $1.

After a morning breakfast, you can choose any food center for lunch with dozens of choices that are just the same price as breakfast. “Economic rice” stall sells foods at a cheap price as the name suggests: S $2 – S $2.5 for a set of foods with meat or only vegetables (for vegetarians). Alternatively, choose Chinese rice with sweet sour meat, tofu, and fried vegetables.

It is also very popular that chicken rice is considered to be a traditional food of Singapore. You can find any kind of chicken here, from boiled chicken to roast chicken with only S $3 a plate with a small bowl of hot soup.


A plate of chicken rice

This dish of chicken rice will be more delicious when eaten with spicy garlic chili sauce. If you like pork fillets, there are also pork rolls in Guangdong with the same price.

Having carefully calculated the cost of the trip, there is still about S $4.5 for a meal. Even if this money does not allow you to enjoy local specialties such as chili sauce or crab sauce, it will help you with a laksa bowl or a char kwayteow as well as Singaporean traditional cuisine.

Laksa is noodles cooked with fish, prawns and coconut milk fatty greasy, while char kwayteow is stir-fried noodles with shrimp, oysters, sausage, which is also very fat.


Satay – A specialty of Singapore

If you go in a group, you can “eat” together for a meal of satay (skewered meat served with peanut sauce), Singaporean carrot cake (actually wheat cake or radish rice flour and eggs, colored like carrots and rojak (vegetables, fruits, tofu,…).

In Singapore, drinking water from the public faucet is possible everywhere, you’ll only spend about $1.2 for the first bottle of mineral water, then you can drink as much water as you want all day long.

2. Food centers

For the majority of foreign tourists, the places that they will come when being in Singapore are Orchard Road, Raffles Square, Marina Bay and downtown area with luxury hotels and the front lines, the big shopping centers,…

However, the places where the backpackers with limited budgets need to know is the area inhabited by high-rise condominiums, schools, and restaurants, food centers, which are cheap places to eat out of the glittering area.


A food center in Singapore

It’s the culinary center on Old Airport, a little area in the East of the city center, where most of Singapore’s special food and drink markets have remained unchanged for years.

And in many other residential areas, there are also restaurants, eating areas at affordable prices scattering there.

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