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The rock maze in legends – Tu Lan cave (part 2)

After a journey through the mysterious jungle that we talked about in Part 1, you will enter the system of Tu Lan Cave, experience many unforgettable things in this “underworld”.

  • In the rock maze

To explore Tu Lan, you have many choices: 2-day, 3-day and 4-day tours. If you are beginning​ trekkers, you should choose the easiest tour, go for 2 days, visit 4 out of 10 caves belonging to the system of Tu Lan cave, including Tu Lan Cave, Ken Cave, Kim Cave and Hung Ton Cave.

The-rock-maze-in-legends-Tu-Lan-cave-(part 2)1

Tu Lan cave system – A rock maze in Vietnam

To go all this cave, you have to climb over the limestone mountain to go up on the roof of the cave, then go to the cave entrance that is possible to enter for you. The cave system is formed by groundwater, so there will be some points that you will have to swim in. The cave doesn’t have any light. Everyone wears a helmet installed with a flashlight and a life jacket.

The first cave is Ken Cave. The camping site is located in front of this cave entrance. From the entrance to the walkway, you will have to swim a short section in the cool, clear water. When swimming, be careful because underneath there are some rocks.

The-rock-maze-in-legends-Tu-Lan-cave-(part 2)2

Ken cave is one of 3 caves in the system

Feel free to backstroke, float, so that you can contemplate the magnificent scenery on the cave’s ceiling, listen to the sound of water echoing from the four sides of the cave, feel the water patting on your body while the coldness soaks into hand, completely fall for the beauty of stalactite stalks and feel all the senses stretched due to enjoying​.

Swim in, follow the limestone cliffs to enter the dry cave, and you will be lost in a rock maze and sunk in the layers of the stalactites. The huge stalactites are sometimes sparkling silver, sometimes shimmer gold.

The-rock-maze-in-legends-Tu-Lan-cave-(part 2)3

Tourists swim to get in the cave

The stalactite is transformed in all shapes and sizes –sometimes in the form of a gigantic shell with soft wave patterns or rough shells like cactus, sometimes looks like giant mushrooms or cauliflowers, or like huge pillar, like steps with the perfect curve carved by the feat of nature.

After Ken cave, the next day team will continue to explore the remaining three caves. The route is generally the same: take the forest road to the cave entrance, swim into the cave, explore several steep and slippery cliffs, in the last cave you have a high stair near 60 steps.

The-rock-maze-in-legends-Tu-Lan-cave-(part 2)4

The masterpiece of nature inside the cave

Each cave has its own attractive points, but when standing in the middle of the cave tens of meters high, between a maze of lime, stalactite, sand and water; The only feeling that remains is the overwhelm – overwhelmed by nature, and overwhelmed by how small it is compared to this vast world.


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