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The rock maze in legends – Tu Lan cave (part 1)

Located 70 km from Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, next to Tan Hoa minority village, Quang Binh province, Tu Lan cave consists of more than 10 caves, each has its own distinctive features. To come here, you need to go through a variety of activities such as going through the stretching fields, through the jungles, wading streams, swinging with ropes, swimming in dark underground caves,…

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Tu Lan cave – a muse of any adventurers

To go to Tu Lan cave system, physical strength should be ensured to be able to:

  • Exceed 9 km of forest with terrain full of obstacles
  • Exceed slope about 150 m (height from valley to mountain)
  • Swim 100m in the cave
  • Walk 1 km in the cave
  • Have basic experience on jungle adventure
  • Can swim
  • Some other experience

Time: Tu Lan is considered to be most beautiful from mid-November to mid-September each year.

Movement: Tu Lan cave system is located in limestone karst, 70 km from Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. You can travel by car, train or plane to Dong Hoi city, and from Ho Chi Minh city to Phong Nha (45 km). From Hanoi, you can also buy high quality bus tickets directly to Phong Nha. From here the travel agency will pick you up.

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A homestay system in Phong Nha

Stay: Depending on the length of the tour you choose to explore Tu Lan. You can choose from forest camp tours or day tours and return to Phong Nha for a break. Phong Nha also has a hotel, homestay system which is very diverse with affordable price for you to choose according to the time staying.

  • Through the green jungles

Tan Hoa, a small village in the middle of the mountains, is the starting point for the journey into this land. The trip starts with a 2.5 km walk to the Rao Nan River.

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Tan Hoa village

During this time, you will find a completely ignored land of Earth: tranquil, peaceful with a stretching blue color, just like the illustrations in a fairy tale. When coming here, what you will see is a grassy field stretching to the foot of the mountain, a bit far away is the green cornfields that are lying along the river. All lay peacefully in the embrace of the rocky mountains, and make any tourists who once come here feel like being lost in another peaceful world, separating from noisy world outside.

The-rock-maze-in-legends-Tu-Lan-cave-(part 1)4

Rao Nan river

Go along the grassland, follow the corn fields​, leaving behind purple wild flowers or wild trees​, the visitors will have to cross Rao Nan River. From here you will start climbing 30 m of hills, with many jagged rocks, then move down the 100 m slope to Hung Ton valley, and pause for lunch at the cave entrance.

And here is My. Mango

Lunch ends, your legs begin to be challenged by climbing Mt. Mango (150 m), coming back to the valley (3 km) and going to the camping area.

And here we come to the main purpose of all the journey, Tu Lan cave system, which I will tell you about in Part 2 of this article.


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