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The most famous food markets around Asia

If you come to a country but forget to try the specialty, the cuisine, the foods of that place, you made a big mistake. Because there’s no way can be easier to get to know about a culture than discovering its culinary culture.

Therefore, besides the magnificent natural landscapes, the historical monuments, the food markets always have a special appeal to visitors, because this is not only the ideal place to enjoy good food, but also a suitable place to learn about the culture of a new land.

1. Gwanjang Market, South Korea

Built in 1905, Gwanjang is the oldest market in the capital and is popular with many international visitors, therefore, the food stalls here are always crowded, especially during peak hours.


Gwanjang Market, South Korea

Gwanjang Market is open from 7 am. So you can start your culinary tour in the morning. In the market, there are many attractive dishes with unique flavors that you should not ignore such as makgelli, gimbak, sundae, bindaeteok,…

2. Shilin Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan


Shilin Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan

Shilin Night Market is located in Shilin District, is the largest and most famous night market in Taipei, it’s not only a popular destination for locals but also for foreign tourists. Shilin Night Market becomes extremely lively at night when thousands of people gather here, wander around the shops, stalls filled with food and enjoy delicious food.

3. Donghuamen Night Market, Beijing, China


Donghuamen Night Market, Beijing, China

If you are a real gourmet who can try strange or disgusting dishes, you must not miss Donghuamen Night Market in Beijing. This market opens quite late and is especially famous for dishes made from insects. However, in Donghuamen, there are also regular dishes such as barbecue, dim sum, noodles and teas to serve the tourists who do not have the courage to try the other bizarre specialties.

4. Taling Chan Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand


Taling Chan Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is known as the “Oriental Venice” so floating market is also one of the attractions of this city, therefore, Taling Chan is a name that no tourist don’t know and want to come at least once when coming to Thailand. Located in western Bangkok, the market attracts visitors with grilled fish, steamed crab right on the boat,… The market is usually held from 9 am to 4 pm, sellers often sell traditional Thai food, desserts, and fruit on their own boats.

5. Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan


Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan

Tsukiji is one of the largest fish markets in the world, a place that can make you dazzled by the fresh seafood available at the market. However, the best part is the sushi stalls here, which can make any tourists feel excited while enjoying the best kinds of sushi ever.

6. Lau Pa Sat Market, Singapore

Lau Pa Sat or Telok Ayer is a popular market in Singapore. Opened in 1825, this market has been extended to the sea to facilitate the exchange of goods. However, due to the lack of security, the market was rebuilt in 1836. Visit the Lau Pa Sat market, you can enjoy countless of Singapore’s delicacies such as satay, grilled satay, grilled seafood or traditional Chinese dishes.


Lau Pa Sat Market, Singapore

In addition, the dessert is also a must-try thing here. One of them is the red bean, coconut milk, and ice cream.


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